Friday, 22 May 2009

Hikoi of the hopelessly racist

So how many NOT PC readers will be joining the March for Racist Auckland Government tomorrow (aka the Hikoi to protest the lack of Maori seats on the new Auckland uber-city).

If you are, then why?

There’s  certainly plenty of reasons to protest against the uber-city – here’s several right here – but objecting it’s not sufficiently racist is not one of them.  In fact, it’s the only thing about the uber-city to like.

Say no to racist government and to the Auckland uber-city.


  1. Nobody rational could disagree with your comments on the hikoi. Sure, its a racist disgrace, but I don't know why you guys continually go on about "uber-city" blah blah blah. So politically immature.

    This is being done for one reason only and that is to take power out of the hands of the left. It is a strategy. (think hard about that word)

    The left have had a death grip on Auckland regional governance for too long and it has been impossible to break that grip.

    What is happening now is another attempt to free Auckland from the extreme left, and once that is done real changes can be made, and these should be changes that without the left's influence, are in the long term, much more conducive to individual liberty.

    Under the status quo (that you apparently support), the outcome was always only going to be an incremental increase in left wing (read socialist fascist) power. They were winning.

    Every time you try and undermine Rod Hide's attempt to free Auckland local government from the death grip of the socialist fascists, you help the left and make freedom an even more distant objective.

    This is a move that is balanced on a knife edge. Power can fall to the left or the right. Rod Hide, with the ability to see and develop a long term strategy to confront the pervasive influence of the left, is trying to ensure it falls on the side of liberty. Undermine his efforts and you're helping it to fall on the side of socialist fascism.

  2. Why do the Greens support the concept Redbaiter? Why did Labour call for Royal Commission that developed this result? What is the evidence such a council will promote liberty? What councils in New Zealand have ever shrank, ignoring the legislation in the late 80s and early 90s that forced councils to contract out and commercialise trading activities which came from central government?

    Who supported the status quo? National and ACT voted against the power of general competence in 2002 - but now appear to have embraced it. Do you? Do you support councils retaining their power to enter into any activity whatsoever?

    I've yet to see any evidence to the contrary, and would happily be proven wrong.

  3. I asked John Boscawen why Act support the super city when local govt still have the power of general competence but he kinda sidestepped the issue

  4. Scott- Hide has always been an outspoken campaigner against powers of general competence. Why would he suddenly change his mind?

    Frenchmen were killed by the score due to collateral damage during the D-Day invasion, yet the Nazis would not have been repelled in Europe if the invasion had not taken place.

    You have to break eggs to make an omelet, and the left cannot be dislodged or the powers of general competence removed unless political power in Auckland moves from the left to the right.

    What effective strategy would you choose Scott, to divest councils of the power of general competence?

  5. "Hide has always been an outspoken campaigner against powers of general competence. Why would he suddenly change his mind?"

    Yes indeed. That's the question.

    "What effective strategy would you choose Scott, to divest councils of the power of general competence?"

    Well, as minister of local government you could, um, simply take out what Sandra Lee put in back in 2002.

    But that's what you'd do if you did want to divest councils of the power of general competence.

  6. I must say, Redbaiter's comments in the last couple of days have been much more constructive and article than they used to be. Worth listening to now.

  7. Yep, you're right.

    If that continues (I don't mean agreement, just simple courtesy) then he's welcome to stay around.

  8. No, you are wrong.

    Masterbaiter's comments are never 'constructive and article (sic)'

    he/she/it is a clown and will always be a masterbaiter.

  9. Yeah, whoops, fat fingers, sorry. Meant articulate.

  10. "he/she/it is a clown and will always be a masterbaiter."
    And we're supposed to takes seriously anything a cowardly commenter who posts comments under the nick 'anonymous...why, exactly?

  11. So - has anyone seen the final legislation that Rodney will propose? No!. Has he said anything about general competence? No.

    So - most likely - the council will not have general competence, and commerical activities will be moved out into LATEs where they belong, and then privitised after the next election along with the SOEs. As they should be.

    Yep, it's nowhere near fast enough, but its sure as hellen faster than we'd have had under the previous government.

    I still maintain the biggest problem with the new council is the franchise - when on earth did councils, of all places, start being elected on a general franchise, rather than a rate-payer franchise? A ratepayer franchise, with solid provision for commerical ratepayers, not just residential, is absolutely required to make auckland work, not fucking about with wards and at large councillors and all the rest. Frankly, I'd give three tangata whenua seats if all half the seats were elected on a ratepayer franchise and the other half on a commercial franchise.

    Now there's a proposal that National, ACT, and the Maori party should all be able to agree on! And it would guarantee the outcome redbaiter wants too --- well, without their own armed police the council can't execute the lefties and unionists, but a fair chunk of what redbaiter wants short of that!

  12. Redbaiter: Simplest would be repeal of the Local Government Act 2002 reverting to the previous legislation, but that was very messy.

    How hard would it be to have legislation that first prohibited any new activities, then required councils to divest all trading activities into CCOs (commercial) and non-trading activities into CCOs (non-commercial), with commercial CCOs prohibited from receiving any subsidy. Rates would then be capped, which does not mean capped except population and inflation, but capped in nominal terms, for good. I have a bit more detail on roads (councils would get all fuel tax and RUC revenue, and need to dedicate parking revenue to roads), but it's a start.

  13. How hard would it be to have legislation
    Even easier: why not have a pleinpotentiary transition body with the power to enforce this - and already dedicated to firing 60% of the council staff?

    sounds good to me!

  14. The power of general competence is only one small part of the whole of leftist tyranny in Auckland governance.

    That whole has to be destroyed, or it will all, including the POGC, just slowly grow back again.


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