Friday, 22 May 2009

PUBLIC NOTICE: Petition to change my blogroll

This is a Public Service Announcement.  I've received petitions from two folk on my blogroll – personal representations from two bloggers who wish to be elevated p from the blogroll ghetto of being labelled "Cheerleaders for the Government" to the exalted position of “Pro-Freedom Blogs” or even “NZ: Good People.”

I speak of course of Lindsay Perigo's Blog and Jameson's Blog.

So what do you think, customers?  May I invite you to check out their work and leave me the benefit of your own wise judgement on the matter.

And while we’re about it, if there’s anyone else on the blogroll you think is mislabelled, then please make your case in the comments.

Here endeth the Official Announcement.


  1. I think both are out of place in cheerleaders for the govt.

  2. Sean Fitzpatrick22 May 2009, 10:33:00

    My 2c worth - promote them both to good guys at least :o)

  3. I'd also like to see my blog liberation ( recategorised.

    Currently you have my name (Bryce Edwards) under the the Government Cheerleaders sections. This is somewhat embarrassing as I have no cheer for this current government at all. Although I'm not too keen on being put in the Socialist Lickspittle category either, I'll accept that as a more accurate description.

    The miscategorisation probably results from my blog and politics being based on "libertarian socialism" (which you will see as a contradiction in terms, I know) and the fact that I strongly opposed both the EFA and the last Labour Government on my blog. My criticisms, however, were from the left, not the right.



  4. I don't know about Jameson (although his last PR was good) but Perigo is definitely no government cheerleader.

  5. Both are good men who, no matter their position on a specific election or candidate, could fairly be called "Cheerleaders for the Govt," especially one that, if I've interpreted all you NZers right, is quite socialistic.

    It's particularly odd in Linz' case.

    Raise them both to "Heroes Who Staunchly Support Freedom" I say.

  6. I am just grateful to be remembered.

  7. It's a long road to the reforms we'd like, but in the meantime, steps in the right [freedom] direction should be applauded.

    The Government is made up of cynical careerists with few exceptions.

    You can't just wave your Oirish wand.

    Libz won't figure unless there is a swing to the 'right.' If National / Act were comfortably interned, and given the coming disaster from worldwide statist economic policies, then the time would be right for a vote for Libertarianz. (It wouldn't be meaningless.)

    Observe the inroads of the UKIP in England, after the big three have been caught with snouts fully in troughs.

    Lindsay and Glenn are on the right track and do not deserve the 'Cheerleaders' accolade. That was churlish.

    But keep up the great work PC!

  8. Yeah. ONe important change. Delete the entire fucking lefty section. They don't deserve any links, especially not from you.

    We can't - yet - delete their damn blogs. But we don
    t have to link to them, and especially should not read them.

  9. Know thine enemy, Anon.

  10. Elijah Lineberry23 May 2009, 19:58:00

    No harm in promoting them, I suppose; afterall, the Peter Keatings of this world do require all the help they can get! ....(where would deceitful collectivism be without them?) ha ha!

  11. Richard McGrath26 May 2009, 09:55:00

    Both are freedom fighters from way back. I vote to put them on the honours board.

  12. BRYCE: You've been recategorised, as requested. You libertarian lickspittle. :-)

    JEFF/GREG/RICHARD: Both? Are you sure?

    PAUL: You are. ;^)

    ANONYMOUS: Delete the entire lefty section? Are you sure? But that would mean deleting all the Cheerleaders for the Government as well.

  13. Lindsay and Glenn only cheer when the government acts for capitalism.

    I know why you could argue for them being cheerleaders in comparison to yourself but definitely not in relation to the majority.

    It's not something many notice. I noticed you switched the blogroll at the time you removed Elijah's link around 12th December.

  14. Linz is definitely Pro Freedom, and I would put Bryce amongst the Good People as well. His stuff is streets ahead of most of the tosh out there and does not get the recognition it deserves.

    Jameson - keep as a cheerleader. Think of it as purgatory, he has some work to do ebsolving his sins of working for National.


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