Thursday, 22 January 2009

Bernard Shwartz House – Frank Lloyd Wright [updated]


1938fp02[4]1938fp01[4] Images of this 1930s Wright house courtesy Prairie Mod

Visit the Schwartz House’s website for more, much more information about this little  restored Usonian beauty -- a design based on the 1938 “dream house” Wright produced for Life magazine, from which these floor plans come.

Wright himself said that the Schwartz House was "a house designed for utility and fecund which there is no predominating feature, but in which the entire is so coordinated as to achieve a thing of beauty."

Check out this neat photo of current owners Michael Ditmer & Lisa Proeche with Wright apprentice Edgar Tafel, who supervised construction of the house around 1939, and an interview here with Michael and Lisa.



  1. Thanks for posting that - I love FLW's work, despite knowing bugger all about architecture.

  2. If you love FLW's work, then you clearly know a good deal about architecture. :-)

  3. This will sound so naff it's not funny, but his work is the kind of thing that doesn't merely exist, it has a voice - especially Falling Water.

  4. And this will probably sound like I'm just sucking up ... but I know exactly what you mean.


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