Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Frank Lloyd Wright's 1938 'Dream House' for Life magazine


1938fp02Frank Lloyd Wright's 1938 'Dream House' for Life magazine, described here at Life.Com.

"Space," says Wright, in a letter to the clients describing the house, "is characteristic of this free pattern for a freer life than you could possibly live in the conventional house."  The house is a two-zoned open and flowing plan "with special privacies, ultra conveniences and style all the while."  Said Life magazine in 1938:

1938fp01 Note the L-shaped double fireplace. By means of folding screens, the dining and ground-floor sleeping spaces can be thrown into the living-recreation room and the whole space, treated as a kind of enclosed patio, can be thrown open to the outdoors...  For privacy, [the clients] may close off their ground-floor bedroom, leaving it open to the garden, and [their two children] may retreat to their bedrooms at either end of the second floor, which are separated by a guest room in the middle. Mr. Wright has thoughtfully placed [the husband's] office next to the kitchen so that [his wife] can answer the telephone for him when he is away from home...

Life magazine had set up the 'Dream House' series as a competition between traditionalists and so-called modernists. Time magazine called Wright's design a "walkaway [victory] for the moderns ... which reduced the merit of [the more traditional] design to that of a safe investment."


  1. PC, Is it true that one of you houses you designed will be photographed for an upcoming magazine?

    Well done!


  2. Ah yes, I believe I did hear a rumour to that effect. ;^)


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