Monday, 1 December 2008

Turning the other eye

Commenters at the TurnToIslam website (see the 'Mumbai blasts - The inside story' thread) have now decided that the bloody murders in Mumbai (about which I commented here) were carried out either by a) “Indian Military Intelligence officers in orchestrated acts of terrorism against Muslims to create a Hindu-Muslim riot situation as well as to create a justification for war against Pakistan,” b) the Hindus, c) the media, or d) the Jews. 

While “we may never know the truth but ALLAH is the All-knowing,” apparently, what they do know for sure it wasn’t the Muslims -- and “even if it was done by muslims, we should not be apologetic....”

They make the moon-landing conspiracies look rational, don’t they. [Hat tip Duncan Bayne]


  1. Meh, I wouldn't be particularly inclined to use the prose of anonymous blog commenters to make a wider point about...anything, really.

  2. I think it was you, PC, who argued so eloquently against collectivist anti-domestic violence campaigns "We've got to stop the violence" with "What's with the "we", buddy?"

    By the same token, these commenters didn't have anything to do with the Mumbai attacks, so what is wrong with them not being apologetic?

  3. Because the blood-soaked voices from the stone age voluntarily submit to being part of a collective.. I quoted from the same site the other day:

    “no we do not apologize … i'm happy they were attacked and i don't feel a bit sorry for them… Those who disbelieve and who wrong muslims, they will get something similar to it. because what goes around comes around… mumbai is one of the most shaytanic places on earth. all that bollywood crap is there, and maybe this is a sign for them to take heed.”


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