Friday, 21 November 2008

Best of NOT PC, week to Friday 21 Nov

Another round-up of the week here at NOT PC.  A week in which new contributors at NOT PC were revealed and embraced, and the new NACT government began to unrolled its favoured strategy: to  bore us all into submission.

If you haven't yet had time to catch up on the gold-plated goodness that was NOT PC this week, then here's what other regular readers seemed to like (and if you'd like to get this weekly 'Best of' emailed to you, then why not sign up here at Yahoo.  What's to lose?):

  1. The global financial/economic crisis: causes & solutions
    Still the most popular post this week, this month (but not quite this year). A guest post and a great summary of the global financial and economic crisis: it's real causes and the only long-term solution.  Yes, it was from last fortnight-- but it's still ranking through the roof!  And deservedly so.
  2. NOT PJ: Mourning Helengrad
    Bernard Darnton ponders the renaming of Helengrad now the ruling regime has changed...
  3. Too dishonest to be a policemen...
    ...and therefore perfectly suited to be a lawyer. Yes, we're talking Clint Rickards here.
  4. "We" didn't do it! But we can stop it.
    Yes, we're talking Nia Glassie.  There's an awful lot of talk, but what does it really amount to?
  5. SUSIE THE LIBERTARIAN: Saving the Environment from Environmentalism
    How do you save the environment from environmentalists like Nick Smith? And how do we save ourselves from this weasel?
  6. Let Ford fail
    If the government is prepared to print money to bail out the banks, then why shouldn't it tax, print and borrow to bailout car-makers?  Um, I can think of several reasons.
  7. More myths from the Great Depression
    Did FDR save the US from depression, or did he make it worse.  Was Herbert Hoover a hands-off laissez-faire champion, or a meddler second only to FDR himself?  Find out the answers to these and many more timely questions.

Lots of good reading there, and plenty of intellectual ammunition with which to fill up your shot bag. Read like you mean it!  :-)

Enjoy your weekend! PC

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