Wednesday, 19 November 2008

"We" didn't do it! But we *can* stop it.

It didnt take long, did it, before "we" were all blamed for not stopping Nia Glassie's whanau from killing her.
NZ HERALD: Hone Kaa, head of the child advocacy group Te Kahui Mana Ririki, said New Zealand's child abuse rate was unacceptably high, and more children like Nia would die if people continued to turn a blind eye."We can be sure she isn't going to be the last. We might pray that she is, but in the end it's the behaviour of adults that secures the safety of children."Dr Kaa said New Zealanders ought to be "busybodies" and report abuse."We've got to learn to nark. I've said this before and I'm not afraid of saying it time and time again. Drop them in it."
One looks in vain from Hone (or from any of the usual suspects) for any condemnation of the animals who killed her.  Oh yes, it's "not okay to hit your family" say the ads we're all paying for -- but the animals we're paying to have children children don't care. Memo to Hone: I didn't kill Nia.  We didn't kill her, either by commission or omission.  It wasn't us who killed her: This whole sorry whanau did.  Babies who were paid paid by the system to have babies.  

These scum were paid to breed, and Nia died of it. Think about that when the busybodies are blaming us for not being busybodies.
aren't we all getting sick to death of being commanded to take responsibility? Whether it be for 'narking' ... or as a taxpayer, who should fork out more to alleviate the poverty that apparently lies at the heart of this dysfunction?
We pay no-hopers to breed, and then we wonder why their progeny have no hope.  We've been following this hopeless pattern now and produced three generations of losers. 

Who's really to blame here for the hopelessness of it all? Answer: those who put the system in place, and those who feed it and maintain it.  We don't need inquiries or more hand-wringing; the answer is much simpler than that.  It has to be said: It's time to stop paying no-hopers to breed.  Here's how to do it.


  1. Well said PC.
    It seems the boys at No Minister are coming round to your way of thinking.


  2. PC, can I call your man in parliament?

    Ah, there isn't one.

    And I wasn't making a cheap point here: one in place, these things will never ever be rolled back.

  3. Berend, perhaps you can point me to where your man in parliament has a policy to abolish the DPB.

    Ah, there isn't one.

    But there should be. He had a candidate who's explained cogently enough over many years why it's necessary.

  4. From this morning. A little earthy for which I make no apology. I was angry - and this was reason to be angry.

  5. The one entitled:
    The DPB: A failed experiment.

  6. It is all to easy to blame society writ large for the heinous occurrence of child and family abuse in New Zealand (deny it as you like it is nothing new or recent) And it is even easier to blame pc's "no-hopers" for having too many kids and living off the DPB.

    Unfortunately both views end up in a veritable finger pointing melee with racist, the socialists and the conservative all blaming each others respective theories for causing the problem.

    It is as a country that this problem that it needs to be dealt with.It isn't a Maori problem, not a Pakeha problem.Not a rich problem, not a poor problem. It is New Zealand's problem.And as New Zealand we have to face up to the challenge and solve it by removing the socio-economic conditions that create it... or if your pc just let everyone that earns under $50,000 a year die off leaving a nation for old rich pakeha conservatives that probably havent seen an abused person in their entire lives.

    Call me a namby-pamby liberal, or a gutless bastard, or a bludger. But as I see it, something has to change.

  7. You're right, Luke. Something *does* have to change. Scum have to stop torturing their defenceless children, or their partner's defenceless children.

    It's "NZ's problem", eh? Well thanks very much for making me party to the brutality. Thanks for tarring me with the brutal brush. Thanks for telling me that I'm no better than the subhumans who terrified, tortured & murdered a toddler. Sharing the blame, eh? We're all responsible, are we? Yeah, *that'll* stop the horror! Not.

    You're sounding just like the morons who supported Bradford's bill at the time "to stop the brutality" ... and didn't that just work a trick, eh? Stopped the Curtises in their tracks, that did! Spit.

    "Removing the socio-economic conditions"? You mean the conditions that force me to go to work to pay for Lisa fucking Kuka to have six children, one of whom was offered up for bloodsport by the piece of shit she was screwing?!

    There's a hell of a lot of NZers who earn less than $50,000 and know how to behave. How dare you equate low incomes with this sort of behaviour! How bloody dare you! What an insult to the NZers who lived through the Great Depression, the likes of which we can only imagine, and wouldn't have dreamed of excusing such behaviour on their economic circumstances.

    I'm not going to call you names; I think you're completely misguided. But I'm sick to back teeth of excuses such as those you trotted out.

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  9. Actually, Luke, I believe this IS a Maori problem.

    Maoris do this sort of thing rather frequently and the State pays them increasing amounts of money to do so.

    It is hard to think of any rich, decent, law abiding, 'normal' White people living in Remmers engaging in this sort of child killing.

  10. I second what both Sus and Elijah just said, couldn't have put it better myself!

  11. Its worth noting that Singapore has refused to entertain the ideas of the progressives, and stayed fast with Conservative ideas through all of their scorn and contempt, and now still has a functioning society whilst the society of the Progressives collapses ever faster into the black hole of immorality.

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  13. PC: Berend, perhaps you can point me to where your man in parliament has a policy to abolish the DPB.

    Exactly. I don't have one either.

    So we can stop writing about it, because these social programs will never be rolled back.

  14. "Call me a namby-pamby liberal, or a gutless bastard, or a bludger..."
    Thanks--you saved me the trouble.

  15. "So we can stop writing about it, because these social programs will never be rolled back."

    Well, if we stop writing about it, they never will be.
    Perhaps we should stop writing about crime and corruption and rampant bureaucracy, for the same reason?

  16. You should all read true facts by Bob Jones wrote it years ago and the outcomes are for all to see

  17. To paraphrase my press release Welfare and Violence: the Elephant in the Room:

    Most child abuse is committed by a welfare-addicted underclass, who have no experience of working and therefore no concept of personal responsibility or property rights. Stabbings, shootings, violence toward children and gang warfare are the logical outcome when people are paid systematically to do nothing; to aspire to nothing. Life is altered, often irreversibly, from a future of possibilities and aspirations to an easy option of subsidised nothingness. The life of idleness that is fostered by welfarism could only ever serve to degrade one's self value, and, in turn, respect for others' lives.

  18. Elijah, Sus and KG the very way your'e acting is THE reason nothing ever gets done!!

    Your all comfortable sitting back and pointing fingers at other people bu wont be part of a solution. Now ill tell all three of you something: Pakeha people due abuse their kids as often as Maori or PI parents.I know it may come as a shock to your perfect little world and all the sanitised sense that it makes to you all, but the reality is that simply blaming it on Maori dole bludgers is about as helpful and constructive as blaming baldness on turtles.

    I am yet to meet a beneficiary, Maori or otherwise that would prefer to be dependent on the state.As you may be able to guess I'm from a poorer background myself, and I've seen the pain behind the facade of the 'normal' kiwi family

    Sus, I bear no ill will towards the depression era generation.Their graft and hard work made this country what it is.But that was 70 years ago, and i must ask now at what cost??

    Elijah, one of the worst cases of abuse i saw in my life was that of a stressed out Pakeha, 100 dollar an hour lawyer that took his frustrations out on his family.How dare you try insinuate that race and is the determniner?? As Kiwis the concept should be redundant!!!

  19. Luke Bailey, please do not refer to me as a "Pakeha" (a racist term).

    Feel free to refer to me as 'White Master', or 'God', or anything else so long as it is accurate.

    Luke, please stop making excuses for savagery.

    Simple as that. End of...

    These Maori child killer savage chaps are ...ummmm....Maori child killer savages; the failure to point out this obvious point is the reason for such killings.

    If things were left up to me there would be no further child killings.

    The reason is that I would go around the houses of Maoris and others, look them up and down, and make an 'educated guess'....with 100% accuracy...something which horrifies people like you.

    The fact that my "bullshit antennae" is so finely tuned, especially when tuned into people of certain demographics, is what annoys you people the most!
    that 7 out of 10 Maoris would be singled out and locked up "in advance" to save the costs of future deaths and trials, whereas 1 out of 210 White people, angers you most.

    I am 'comfortable' not because some Maoris are living in poverty, but because some 'normal' people got stuck in and made themselves a quid.

    My World is (alas) far from 'perfect' ...mainly because my polynesian servants are soooooooooooooo 'uppity' and drive me mad ...(something which never used to happen in the days of the Empire when people were deferred to *SIGH*)

  20. Luke Bailey says: I am yet to meet a beneficiary, Maori or otherwise that would prefer to be dependent on the state.

    Come with me then, and I'll introduce you to my family. Who would you like to meet first... my niece who desperately wants to get pregnant for the 5th time so she can stay on the DBP instead of going to work... my father, who has barely worked in the past 20 years because he likes the dole (at one stage I discovered he was collecting no less than 4 benefits under different names - why the hell would he want to work?)... or maybe my brother, a 35 year old who has NEVER worked, and will soon be coming out of prison and going straight back on the dole and straight back to the welcome arms of his gang mates?

    Obviously there are some genuine people on benefits who want nothing more than to get off welfare - I was one. But let me tell you first hand here Luke - as noble as the intentions of the welfare system are, it is causing major problems because it has quite simply gotten out of control. For some people, it has become a career option rather than the temporary helping hand it was intended to be. It has perpetuated poverty rather than solving it by creating a dependent mindset, and allowing the violent subculture I was born into to flourish virtually unchecked to the point where we're now creating dangerous, remorseless morons fueling up on cheap piss and increasingly dangerous drugs.

    To call this New Zealand's problem, our problem, is grossly misleading. It is, however, something that does need to be dealt with on all levels: Families and communities do need to step up to the fucken plate and stop turning a blind eye. The government has to stop encouraging the lives these scum lead by paying people to do nothing, and assisting them financially to have children they don't really want. But the biggest change has to be on a personal level, and Luke, the sad, sad thing is that a huge number of the potential and actual violent abusers simply don't have the personal skills nor strength to make that change, even if they wanted to.

    Society hasn't failed my family - the members of my family have failed themselves.

    Elijah - stop the racist 'savages are better when they know their place' kind of comments. You've got a lot of good opinions worth listening to when you're not making such a smarmy cock out of yourself.


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