Friday, 14 November 2008

Best of NOT PC, week to Friday 14 Nov

Another round-up of the week here at NOT PC.  And what a week!  I recall something about an election, with all its lingering aftermath ...

If you haven't yet had time to catch up on the gold-plated goodness that was NOT PC this week, then here's what other regular readers seemed to like (and if you'd like to get this weekly 'Best of' emailed to you, then why not sign up here at Yahoo.  What's to lose?):

  1. The global financial/economic crisis: causes & solutions
    A guest post and a great summary of the global financial and economic crisis: it's real causes and the only long-term solution.  Yes, it was from last week -- but it's still ranking through the roof!
  2. "Vote like you mean it!"
    Another guest post (yes, the guests really are kicking my arse, which is why you'll see more of them next week). In case you hadn't noticed, a vote for what you don't believe in is always going to be a wasted vote.
  3. Emissions Trading horse-trading
    An open letter to every western politician who wishes to sacrifice industry to ignorance, which is what all the Emissions Trading Scams will do, from whichever party they're introduced.  Read on here for the best summary of the collapsing warmist science you'll see this side of thirty-years of static temperatures and increased Arctic sea ice -- and the best article possible to send to local politicians contemplating slapping our economy in environmental irons.
  4. Will regime change mean blog change?
    So what happens to the local blogosphere now "change" has come and Helengrad is no more? What especially is going to happen to all those Helen-haters now that Helen has gone?
  5. NOT PC's voting guide for Saturday
    Well, that worked, didn't it.  You didn't even vote for Judith Tizard like I asked.  Slackers.
  6. Post-election reflections
    A few things to think about now that we meet the new boss -- who sounds suspiciously like the old boss, don't you think?
  7. Absolutely, positively irritating
    No, not the positively off-putting politicians who've dominated our lives and TV screens for what seems like months, but the irritating phrases that dominate meetings, conversation and too much for your TV time.  We have all the most irritating that are fit to print.
  8. What's this "equality of opportunity" nonsense we're now hearing?
    They've got no "bottom lines" but we keep hearing the incantation of a new National mantra: "I really believe in the equality of opportunity for all, not the equality of outcome." Just WTF is going on here, and why the "equality of opportunity" the wrong goal to pursue?

Lots of good reading there, and plenty of intellectual ammunition with which to fill up your shot bag. Read like you mean it!  :-)

Enjoy your weekend!


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