Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Will regime change mean blog change? [update 4]

So what happens to the blogosphere now "change" has come and Helengrad is no more? What especially will happen to those blogs whose chief reason-for-being is Helen hatred -- where to now for them?

Seems to me The Double Standard will move from the Ninth Floor of the Beehive down to EPMU headquarters; Tumeke will move from hating John Key and George Bush to really, really hating John Key; The Hive will change from delivering boring gossip from outside the tent to boring gossip from inside the tent; the men and women of Public Address will gradually realise John Boy is one of them (especially if Key-Wee-Broadband means they can download even more stolen films); Comrade Chris Trotter will hate even more hyberbolically (at least until he realises that John Key is further left than Phil Goff) and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy -- which is to say Whale Oil, Kiwiblog, No Minister and the odious Matthew Hooton -- well, they'll just quietly transform the Conspiratorium of Right Wing Opposition into a Softcock Centre-Right Blancmange sending out trial balloons for their masters between frequent encomia to blandness and big government.

Which is to say they'll find it hard to go from opposition to government when everything their government is doing is the opposite of what they once said they stood for. Which means both they and their readers will slowly lose interest.

Remember what happened to Jordan Carter's blog?  That's their fate right there.

And this blog you're reading now?

No change at all in substance.  John Boy was never our hero, so we don't see regime change as much change at all really.  We'll still be attacking every slippery form of government coercion and praising the very rare moments of new freedom -- but you will begin to notice a few changes as it transforms itself to become NOT PC 2.0.  Exciting, eh.

The biggest change is the addition of more regular contributors to the stable allowing me to use the Royal 'We' more accurately: which means that in addition to our regular Friday Beer O'Clock posts from maestros Stu and Neil, there'll be other weekly posts from regular contributors ... contributors to be announced very shortly.

The first post starts tomorrow, by NOT PJ:  'Mourning Helengrad'  ;^)

UPDATE 1:  Oops!  After sending out his last epistle declaring treason on us all, Comrade Trotter is hanging up his keyboard in his own hyperbolic fashion: "the New Zealand Left has woken up to its very own 9/11," he says, disappearing up his own hatred and demonstrating at the same time why he's no longer taken seriously.

UPDATE 2: It seems you can't underestimate the ability of the Hard Left to be a caricature of itself.  Read RESISTING THE NAT-ACT JUNTA- What is to be done? at Socialist Aotearoa to see what I mean. They appear completely unaware of John Key's plan to bore us so much with politics over the next three years that we'll forget there's even an election planned for 2011.

UPDATE 3:  And the predictable post-election collapse of the blogosphere continues:  Matthew Hooton has also hung up the keyboard and will, no doubt, be taking his slimy presence off to the Beehive.

UPDATE 4:  Ah, after a five-day Moet binge with a gaggle of fawning Tories (see evidence at right from Tumeke!) Cactus Kate has woken up (finally) with liver damage, a raging hangover and her own thoughts on the future of the blogosphere: "With the change of administration blogs will need to change as well," she says, "Here are my predictions." 

They're harsh, but (mostly) fair.


  1. but you will begin to notice a few changes as it transforms itself to become NOT PC 2.0. Exciting, eh.

    We'll see if arranging the deck chairs on the Libertanic will help in three years time.

    I'm short :-)

  2. One of the greatest things about this blog is that it seems to despise everybody - quite refreshing really, keep it up.

  3. Oh yes, "we" are equal opportunity despisers here. :-)

  4. BB,

    Some simple maths:

    Not PC does not equal libertarianz.

    Your conceptual confusion has been lifted. No need to thank me.

  5. What really will be interesting is seeing if and how the Tumeke rankings change. Opposition is (I imagine) a much easier position to hold in the blogosphere aka online talkback radio.

  6. PC: Not PC does not equal libertarianz.

    Thanks sean. Confusion lifted.

    And matter of fact, I'm not reading PC because he is a libertarian but despite.

    Your fellow despiser,


  7. I think Not PC is one of the best blogs on the Net, certainly the most informative. I look forward to the changes, although hard to think how you will improve on this.

    (I thought the beer entries were your's, Peter.)

  8. 5 hours with the Tories. Rest of the time with people much better at drinking.

    And note to Party organisers - toasting on Deutz is pathetic.

    If you are not allowing champagne for sale then at least get those DPS flunkies to let my Moet from room service flow smoothly through to the conference venue. A one hour wait was not appreciated.

  9. Sigh. Always intriguing to find the illiterates in society. I guess you can't read. Try our About. We deliberately kept the words short just for you.

    We aren't going away, in fact my usual problem of maintaining capacity appears to be even more of an ongoing problem than previously. But I'm sure that mere facts will not be sufficient to dent your faith.

  10. Yes so many wont want to be pissing inside the tents they were so keen to erect.

  11. Lynn: will Andrew Little be taking the pseudonym of "Batman" along with the presidency of the Labour Party ?

  12. "Illiterates in society"?

    Now that's just funny coming from those who saw nothing incongruous in the EFA being imposed upon the people of a free country.

    Sigh, indeed!

  13. Lynn

    Blogging isn't so much fun when you are not paid. But then you are all about to be made unemployed so you've nothing better to do.

  14. Toasting on Duetz is pathetic.

    If the 'Tory Tosspots' are so broke they cannot afford champers, they should just say so...and not make excuses.

    I gather (according to my spies) the gaucherie was even worse at 'some' Tory election night parties...such as...(oh, let's just select one at random)...Bill English in Gore!

    Seems my good friend, Stephen W [major, patrician, aristocratic LANDOWNER from Central Southland whom I went to school with], was virtually dragged along to the Bill English victory party (so English can claim association with his 'betters'), and after reluctantly agreeing to attend was mortified at all manner of illiterate farming types who were knocking back the Spumante and drunkenly rushing around telling their lady Wives how sophisticated they are...(*shudder*)...embarrassing, yet unsurprising...

    Later in the evening, it seems English buttonholed my friend and was saying (with regards to the 'peasant' pigs surrounding them) how 'salt of the earth' Southlanders are when it comes to a 'knees up'

    (yes, the Libertarianz were on the ballotpaper, yet that is what you voted for)

  15. I'm always amazed at how much crap people are prepared to believe.

    Bryan: I think that is the 4th or 5th theory I've seen about 'batman'. All I know is the discussion about the writing style and a certain amount of recrimination about how it was posted that floated in the backend discussion. I'm unsure if any of us know who it was.

    Anon: It appears you can't read either. Try our About. A change in government has zilch effect on the standard because we're outside of the paid political. Expect us to continue to keep getting up your nose.

    sus: Perhaps you should actually have a look at the EFA and what flaws in the previous law it was trying to correct. Regardless of the change in government, I'd expect most of those changes to endure in legislation.

    Anyway, enough assistance for No PC's (obviously a mac user) readership...

  16. "The Standard is the website where a blogger calling himself Batman posted about John Key's supposed links H-Fee. That blogger is believed to be a senior official, most likely party president Mike Williams, although he has denied it was him." - NZ Herald Would love to hear the other theories Lynn, this is the one offered by the NZ Herald.

  17. Right & wrong, Lynn.

    Right: expecting little (re EFA) to change under National. I don't expect much from them, either.

    Wrong: "flaws in the previous law it was trying to correct" .. where are the "flaws" in free speech, and why would free speech need "correcting" outside of a dictatorship?

  18. And now The Hive has hung up its boots (or whatever the term is..... withdrawn its sting... um... gone to the land of honey...)


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