Monday, 10 November 2008

Emissions Trading horse-trading

While Rodney Hide negotiates with John Key over coalition -- with throwing out the dopey Emissions Trading Scam one of ACT's bottom lines -- now is a good time to re-post Christopher Monckton's open letter to John McCain from just before the US election.  It's just as much an open letter to every western politician who wishes to sacrifice industry to ignorance, which is what all the Emissions Trading Scams will do:

Sir, every one of the reasons that you have advanced for alarm and consequent panic action has been demonstrated to be hollow and without any scientific foundation or merit. Yet, if your proposal to close down three-fifths of the economy of the United States is to be justifiable, then not only the false scientific propositions but also the false policy propositions that you have advanced must be shown to be true. Here, then, are ten propositions, with each of which you appear to agree, each of which is actually false. All of these propositions must be proven true before any action is taken to tamper with the climate, still less the fatal, self-inflicted wounds that you would invite your nation to make to her economy...

Read on here for the best summary of the collapsing warmist science you'll see this side of thirty-years of static temperatures and increased Arctic sea ice.


  1. PC, can you tell me if the Libertarianz got more votes than the (Communist) Workers Party?

    And of course you guys beat the Bill & Ben handily or not?

  2. Monckton has no standing to make the comments he does, and his papers are a joke. He thinks that he can discredit a body of science and arrive at a reasonable figure for the forcing of CO2 in a page of formulae.

    He's wrong on that, and he has been proven wrong time and time again.

  3. Sam, if you read Monckton's open letter instead of just the inside of your own eyelids, you'd see that it references peer-reviewed science all the way through.

    So why not address what it says.

  4. Yes. No.

    What's your point, Berend? You think that if one party gets three percent and the other forty-three percent that the Emissions Trading Scam should be cemented in?

  5. PC

    Berend's being silly. He's one of those who has faith in blind belief! Very much most silly!


  6. Back Rodney's position on this. No room for a carbon scam in NZ. There are enough scams around the show already. It's time to reduce the burden by flicking some of these lunatic schemes away, not add yet more.


  7. You chaps are assuming Rodney Hide and ACT are serious about getting rid of the ETS.

    I wrote a blog post about it, but if ACT are so serious they will already have the 'Emission Trading Scheme Repeal' bill drafted, and can simply introduce it into the House when it reassembles.

    Needless to say they are neither serious, nor have drafted anything resembling legislation.

  8. Elijah,

    I think you are being a bit harsh here. I think they should be given them the benefit of the doubt at the moment. I really do hope that they hold true to their commitment. Our future standard of living is dependent on its shredding. But we need to be vigilent and call them to account if they compromise on this.


  9. Julian..ha ha!

    I am always 'harsh' with leftwing socialists.

    A very, very, VERY simple question:

    "Rodney, do you have the legislation already drafted?"

    A very simple question requiring a simple 'yes' or 'no'.

    I wonder if MikeE or Stuart or Blair or any of the other ACT chaps reading this will feel free to either answer the question, or ring Rodney for the answer.

    (Does anyone want a $1 million bet the answer is "don't be silly, of COURSE we don't have any legislation drafted, that would mean we were actually serious!")

    Disclaimer: I took the liberty of having my legal chappies draft ALL legislation relating to Libz policy. Had we been elected all the bills were ready and waiting.

    So there you have it...the Libz had it all drafted (because we are serious) and the ACT people do not (because they are full of it)

  10. Elijah, if Rodney can get this canned as one of his bottom lines, then all power to him.

    No one is going to have a bill drafted that they never had any idea they would have the power to insist on. Sorry. This one's too important to joke about.

  11. I am not joking.

    If Rodney had gotten this canned we would have heard today; instead he said "oh okay, do not worry about then" and accepted a post (a very junior one) in Government.

    The idea someone would say "let's abolish the Emissions Trading Scam", get elected, and then say "oh, now what does that actually mean? what do we do now?" is just silly.

  12. All hopes rest on Rodney now to derail National's ETS. Rodney must succeed and I do genuinely hope that Rodney will persuade John Key to dump the entire ETS.

    I don't get it. National opposed Labour's ETS, but they're actually coming up with their own ETS which is not much difference to the one they opposed.

    National Socialist Fuckers!!!

  13. Good to see a half page article in the Dom Post today entitled:

    "Sunspots spell end of climate myth."

    For the last few years we have been entering a cooling trend as sunspot activity has tapered off. This cooling trend is now apparent all over the world. Man-made global warming is and always was bunkum.

  14. Fair enough. We'll let's do that then. Give Rodney Hide and the ACT Party the benefit of the doubt and support his position regarding ETS.

    All you ACT voters need to get on the horn, contacting Rodney Hide and his staff at ACT HQ every day to make sure he knows he has your support and never wavers. Write him a short letter. Let him know you agree with him. Now is his chance to put some real steel into John Key (who is well aware that the whole global warming, CO2, ETS nonsense is a fraud but who is too "pragmatic" to stick to what he knows, let alone act on it).

    I'll do it (even though I'm not an ACT Party member), so what about you? Write the guy a letter. Congratulate him on his successes and tell him you want him to stick to his guns. Laugh at the ETS. Ridicule the global warming scam. If politicians become aware that they do have the support to dump this fraudulent scam and that it is being ridiculed as the rort it is, they will have good reasons to dump it and will be more comfortable doing exactly that. No need for them to be frightened of the media and its global warming shills.

    Anyone else going to write a leter to Rodney or phone him or his HQ staffers? Anyone up for it?


  15. LGM, you're damn right. Let's get on to it.

    And while you're doing that, why not put pressure on Key from his own caucus as well. Why not do whatever you can do put Monckton's open letter into the hands of EVERY National MP in that new caucus.

    Now that the election is over, use whatever influence you can muster to concentrate their minds on what a disaster the ETS will be, and what a fraud the science is no which it's based.

  16. "Good to see a half page article in the Dom Post today entitled:

    "Sunspots spell end of climate myth."

    I'm impressed to hear that headline, with the word "myth," appeared in the Dom -- and right at the time it's needed.

    Very encouraging.

  17. Elijah...

    Did you spend $20,000 on your campaign to win the seat of Tamaki?

    I would gently suggest that if you did not, you really have no right to complain about whether ACT bothered to draft something they will have three years to implement.

    As for PC, he endorsed the other guy, so he really has no right to demand anything of Rodney.

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. the fact remains that neither a carbon tax nor a cap and trade scheme is an appropriate solution to address the GW issue. we don't need a bill like the ETS.

  20. Anonymous,

    If you post slander without evidence, especially under the cowardly cloak of anonymity, you'll be deleted.

  21. "As for PC, he endorsed the other guy, so he really has no right to demand anything of Rodney..."

    Not true at all. I can point out of any politician, no matter whether I voted or not, that they need to keep their promises.

    And in this case I'm not demanding something anyway, I'm backing him up.

    Are you?

  22. Unfortunately rodney is on a hiding to nothing. Key has wooed the maori and Dunne so he doesnt need rodders. This means roddrs should withdraw his support and let the world know that key is clark in disguise

  23. If people think the Arctic Ice is all disappearing they should watch Deadliest Catch when they are showing Opelio crab season. Ice everywhere.


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