Friday, 28 November 2008

Best of NOT PC, to 28 Nov

Dozens of people murdered in cold blood and continuing politico-economic meltdown casts a pall over the month's end.  This week at NOT PC "we" (yes, with more regular contributors it really is now "we") we've been looking forward to a rational Christmas, looking at how government wrecked (and continues to wreck) the economy, and continuing to explode some the more risible yet most persistent economic myths.

And those new contributors have really been stepping up.

Here's just some of you might have missed this week at NOT PC -- the most popular posts of the week as measured by the readers who cam flooding in to click on them:

  1. 'How The Government Wrecked The Economy' - Peter Schiff
    While all about him were losing their heads with irrational exuberance, economist Peter Schiff was one of the few sufficiently clear-eyed to predict the coming catastrophe, and to stay rock solid in his analysis.  His YouTube appearances are now some of the most popular on the internet.  This longer fifteen minute interview linked below demonstrates the reasons for his present popularity as a commentator, and suggests some of the basis for his far-seeing analysis.
  2. Rational Christmas cards
    Here’s a great idea for Christmas cards for your rational friends this silly season.  As you can see from the comments, they’re clearly not for everyone.
  3. It's a YouTube afternoon here at NOT PC
    A YouTube afternoon that includes several of those top-ranking Peter Schiff appearances, and more!
  4. Consumers don't drive the economy, stupid
    So called economic stimulus packages never do what they’re supposed to do. The only thing they stimulate is bad headlines, and worse economic commentary – because the whole idea of an economic “stimulus” package from the government is not just the world’s most expensive oxymoron, it’s also based on a complete fallacy: an error that means Keynesian macroeconomics is only playing with half a deck of cards.
  5. Another Victim of P & Prohibition
    Susan Ryder points the finger at the obvious place for the ‘P’ epidemic: prohibition.
  6. White ribbon day
    Sure, it’s a nice day for a white ribbon – but what the hell does a white ribbon do to protect you that a gun or a taser couldn’t do better?
  7. Seven Random or Weird Facts About Myself
    Crikey.  Galt knows why you’d want to know anything at all about me, let alone seven random and weird things.  (And these are the seven that Annie Fox declared were boring!  These here are the other seven.)
  8. How to fix everything
    Hugh Laurie tells you how to fix absolutely everything.  It’s as easy as lager and lime.

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