Friday, 21 November 2008

Seven Random or Weird Facts About Myself

I've been tagged!  When the first person tagged me, I was too busy. When Annie Fox tagged me, her cancer card got me thinking.  And now Whale Oil's tagged me, and that makes three -- so being a good blog citizen, here I go: Seven Random or Weird Facts About Myself.
  1. I have a favourite conspiracy theory.  See.
  2. I have an unusual talent or skill: I can offend several dozen people at several paces simply by entering a room.
  3. I once made money by making fine tofu for a natural foods outfit. It was good stuff too.
    And when Britain was in recession and there were 10,000 architects out of work (no this wasn't last week, it was 1990) I made money for a while on the horses.  Yes, I found a system that worked -- just enough of the time, anyway.
  4. I live in a castle.  True story.
  5. I can play 'Sweet Jane' on the guitar.  Not well, mind, but it's recognisable.  Well, I can.
  6. My favourite building in London is John Soane's house, which is now a museum.
  7. There are still more than four-hundred Frank Lloyd Wright buildings I need to visit.  And at least one Wagner Ring Cycle to see at Bayreuth.  :-)
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  1. Explain "the system" that worked for you with the horses?

    Was it "always picking the winner"?

  2. Hahaha. No, oddly enough, it wasn't.

    It was a little dodge based on place bets and the odds on horses ridden by leading apprentices -- but it works best in a larger market like Britain. And you need bookies offering better odds than the state's TAB, and allowing off-course place bets.

    Other than that, I'll say no more.

  3. Thanks for the tip.

    Always interested in Game Theory and how to beat the system.

  4. Eight Random or Weird Facts About Myself

    I will add the eighth:

    #8) Mr. Peter Creswell is a walking Google.

    If one have to submit a query (in a form of question) to PC, the results of the retrieval (answer) will be immediate, thorough and detail.


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