Monday, 1 December 2008

Blog stats for November '08

Since it got a little hectic there for a while, I haven’t done my blog stats since September – something about an election, I think it was.  So I’m curious to see what’s changed in all the kerfuffle.  Here's some of the main stats for NOT PC last month:

NZ Political Blog Rank for NOT PC: 6th (August, 7th)
Alexa Ranking, NZ: 538th  (last month 577th)
Alexa Ranking, world: 239,877th (last month 255,965th)
Avge. Monday to Friday readership: 1591/day (1345)
Unique visits [from Statcounter] 45,674  (39,618)
Page views [from Statcounter] 70,548 (59,647)

Top posts this month:

Top referring sites:
Search engines 3490 referrals; No Minister 1485; Kiwiblog 1364; Libertarianz 818; NZ Capitalist 358; Lindsay Mitchell 228; Roar Prawn 214; Mulholland Drive 187; Trotter/Hooton 185; Facebook 178; Liberty Scott 166; Samizdata 155; Barnsley Bill 154; Annie Fox 153; Oswald 133; WhaleOil 132
Top searches landing here:
not pc/pc blog etc 814; peter schiff 565; causes of global financial crisis 186; greens ban word appears site 127; gold shortage 95; broadacre city 91; wisdom supporting freedom sculpture jules dalou 87; sean kimpton 83; free radical john key 69; lgm not pc hadron collider 61; mcshane environmental legal assistance fund 57; female bloggers 56;  nude olympians 49
They're reading NOT PC here:
Top countries/territories
NZ 43%; USA 24%; UK 4.6%; Australia 4.5%; Canada 2.6%; Germany 1.3%; India 1.3%; Italy 1.1%; Indonesia 0.8%; France 0.7%; Spain 0.7%  (and still not one visitor from the proud state of Alaska).
Top cities 
Auckland 27%; Wellington 6.9%; Christchurch 4.4%; Sydney 2.0%; London 1.6%; Palmerston North 1.0%; Tauranga 1.0%; Melbourne 0.9%; Hamilton 0.8%; New York 0.7%; Brisbane 0.7%
Readers' Browsers
IE Explorer 45%; Firefox 43%; Safari 7.7%; Opera 2.2%; Chrome 1.5%
Readers' Connection Speeds
Unknown 40%; DSl 31%; Cable 17%; T1 9.1%; Dial-up 3.0%; OC3 0.4%; ISDN 0.1%

Cheers, and thanks to you all for reading and linking to NOT PC this month,
Peter Cresswell

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Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

As I am number 11 in referrals to your site.. Do you think it might be time for you to add me to your blog roll you miserable sod?

1 Dec 2008, 11:02:00  
Blogger PC said...

You make an excellent point you daft old bugger.

1 Dec 2008, 11:14:00  
Anonymous twr said...

I bet you'd love this news:

1 Dec 2008, 12:17:00  

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