Monday, 1 December 2008

Blog stats for November '08

Since it got a little hectic there for a while, I haven’t done my blog stats since September – something about an election, I think it was.  So I’m curious to see what’s changed in all the kerfuffle.  Here's some of the main stats for NOT PC last month:

NZ Political Blog Rank for NOT PC: 6th (August, 7th)
Alexa Ranking, NZ: 538th  (last month 577th)
Alexa Ranking, world: 239,877th (last month 255,965th)
Avge. Monday to Friday readership: 1591/day (1345)
Unique visits [from Statcounter] 45,674  (39,618)
Page views [from Statcounter] 70,548 (59,647)

Top posts this month:

Top referring sites:
Search engines 3490 referrals; No Minister 1485; Kiwiblog 1364; Libertarianz 818; NZ Capitalist 358; Lindsay Mitchell 228; Roar Prawn 214; Mulholland Drive 187; Trotter/Hooton 185; Facebook 178; Liberty Scott 166; Samizdata 155; Barnsley Bill 154; Annie Fox 153; Oswald 133; WhaleOil 132
Top searches landing here:
not pc/pc blog etc 814; peter schiff 565; causes of global financial crisis 186; greens ban word appears site 127; gold shortage 95; broadacre city 91; wisdom supporting freedom sculpture jules dalou 87; sean kimpton 83; free radical john key 69; lgm not pc hadron collider 61; mcshane environmental legal assistance fund 57; female bloggers 56;  nude olympians 49
They're reading NOT PC here:
Top countries/territories
NZ 43%; USA 24%; UK 4.6%; Australia 4.5%; Canada 2.6%; Germany 1.3%; India 1.3%; Italy 1.1%; Indonesia 0.8%; France 0.7%; Spain 0.7%  (and still not one visitor from the proud state of Alaska).
Top cities 
Auckland 27%; Wellington 6.9%; Christchurch 4.4%; Sydney 2.0%; London 1.6%; Palmerston North 1.0%; Tauranga 1.0%; Melbourne 0.9%; Hamilton 0.8%; New York 0.7%; Brisbane 0.7%
Readers' Browsers
IE Explorer 45%; Firefox 43%; Safari 7.7%; Opera 2.2%; Chrome 1.5%
Readers' Connection Speeds
Unknown 40%; DSl 31%; Cable 17%; T1 9.1%; Dial-up 3.0%; OC3 0.4%; ISDN 0.1%

Cheers, and thanks to you all for reading and linking to NOT PC this month,
Peter Cresswell


  1. As I am number 11 in referrals to your site.. Do you think it might be time for you to add me to your blog roll you miserable sod?

  2. You make an excellent point you daft old bugger.

  3. I bet you'd love this news:


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