Friday, 31 October 2008

No thieving, we're Libertarianz

I've been asked numerous times why people aren't seeing Libertarianz ads on your TV screens, or hearing Libertarianz ads on your radio.

Simple answer: the law doesn't allow our ads on radio or TV unless we take your money to screen them and produce them.  It doesn't allow us to use our own money to pay for our own ads -- it demands instead that the taxpayer dole out largesse. 

So much for free speech.

We say that's obscene.  We don't want to send you the bill for our opinions.  Hell, you might not even agree with them!

No such compunction holds back any other party however. Every other party is more than happy to  steal form you to tell you what to believe -- every party from ACT to the Workers' Party is happy to steal from you to promote themselves.  Which means, get this, that every time you hear or see a political party ad, that party has put its hand in your pocket to pay for itThis is how much they're all stealing from you.

So where's our money going instead?  Simple answer again: It's going on good causes -- which according to TV3's Ali Ikram includes propping up the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  And it's going on grass roots stuff like print advertising, brochures and flyers, covert campaigning, signs and billboards, and these simple YouTube ads you can check out at LIBZ TV.

So now you know.

Feel free to help us out.  Unlike all the other parties, we ask for your money nicely.

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