Sunday, 13 July 2008

Welcome to 'Sunday Star Times' & 'Herald' readers

Hi there, and welcome to NOT PC --- and to NOT PC's posts on Education.

Check out the Libertarianz' transitional education policy here at Libz TV. Read the full Libertarianz education policy here. And here's just a few of my favourite posts on the subject here at NOT PC...
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  1. Great to see at least 2 parties in NZ (you and ACT) talking about the privatisation of education and creating choice.

  2. Anon,

    What's ACT?


  3. Excellent. This is crucial. Donated.

    - Sam P

  4. Whats ACT?

    The only Libertarian option that actually seems to want to get into Parliment to do something as opposed to swilling red wine and talking shit.....

  5. ouch! Someone stood on a cat's tail!

  6. Im just sick of this picky nasty "lets beat on ACT only because they are the closest thing to us and actually are doing all the work at present trying to halt the Socialist tide" crap.

    Ex Liz are in ACT and are making a about the rest of Libz back them up a bit more eh?


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