Sunday, 26 October 2008

"So, are you going to vote for yourself this year?"


Peter_Osborne_at_Titirangi_Craft_Market Helensville Libertarianz candidate Peter Osborne asks punters the question at the Titirangi markets yesterday.*

So, are you?

Or are you going to vote to make someone else's kids poorer** instead?


  1. * Yes, he's s little out of zone. But there you go.

  2. ** "Vote for me?" say the Greens' kids! Why vote for some kids you've never met, and for policies that would only make them poorer anyway?!

    Beats the hell out of me.

  3. Yep, out of the zone but taking the opportunity to raise some party awareness. Note the Greenie on the background checking out Peter.

    Working in the Helensville electorate is a hell of a mission because there are no concentrations of people.

  4. I will certainly be voting for myself!

  5. PC,
    The "Vote for me" billboard of the Greens and the "Vote for yourself" billboard of the Libertarianz provides a wonderful lesson in ethics.

    The Libertarianz repair to the philosophy that one's life is one's own and that individuals should be left free to act in their rational self interest - to be rationally selfish.

    The Green's ethics (and all other parties as it turns out) is based on that idea that our lives are not our own, that we exist to serve others, whether that be some little children we have not met, some future generation or the environment which they claim possesses intrinsic value. It is the ethics of self-sacrifice and it is destructive to the individual since the individual is but a cog in a machine to serve the "common good" and the individual can be sacrificed in the pursuit of that "common good".

    The only rational vote in an election (if you wish to promote life affirming values), is to vote for yourself. This requires identifying the political ideas which allow you to live, which allow you to rationally choose between competing alternatives so as to improve your life and that of those you value.

    Which is why a vote for Libertarianz is never a wasted vote because you are voting for yourself, your values, and the ideas that took mankind out of the Dark Ages.

    To provide support to any other political party is to vote for ethical ideas that have wrought (and continue to) so much misery and destruction over the centuries. It is an ethical framework that destroys the best within you and unless stopped, will assuredly return mankind to serfdom and enslavement.


  6. Will the Libz be making an appearance at Helensville meet the candidates evening this week?

    I loved the ad in the Sunday Star times too.

    (PC thanks for your link but our URL has changed so could you please update it? It is now

  7. Which is why a vote for Libertarianz is never a wasted vote

    Geez. You are so ignorant you shouldn't be allowed to vote

    Under the Labour rorted electoral system - MMP - once thing is clear: a vote for Libertarianz is a vote for Helen

    plain and simple. If NZ had a true democracy, that would include Aussie style preferencs, so you could vote 1. Libz; 2. ACT; 3. Tories. and be sure your vote would never help Labour.

    but every vote for the Libz is a vote for Helen

    Electorate vote: National (except in EPSOM vote ACT)
    Party vote: ACT

    anything else (yes even two-ticks NATIONAL) is a vote for a Labour government. Welcome to MMP!

  8. Anon,

    After reading National's latest leaflet, I am convinced that a vote for any party (other than the libz) is a vote for labour!

    National led govt = Labour lead govt

  9. See, this baseless horseshit above from our anonymous moron is precisely why I'm going to begin deleting comments made anonymously that say nothing more than Vote for the Scum Party, or the Suckup Party, or whatever party, without any reasoning offered.

    That's just spam.

    So moron, here's the deal. You've already been warned about this. Ive asked politely that you either stay anonymous and talk intelligently, or you talk like a moron and use a name. But that was too difficult for you.

    So I'm going to give you a name myself, and since your "style" is so easily recognisable, you either use it, or I delete you.

    The name is Moron.

    Use it, or sod off.


  10. Oh, and by the way: Voting for what you believe in is never a wasted vote.

    Voting for something you don't believe in, or for someone you wish were otherwise, is like marrying someone in the hope they're gonna change.

    Not. Going. To. Happen.

  11. Madelaine please let me know ASAP about the Helensville meeting. I am not aware of this meeting but I want to make sure Peter Osborne will be there. You can reach me on

  12. There is an elderly German guy I know. He's survived cancer and some heart troubles but he's still around. It turns out that when he was young boy he refused to join the Hitler Youth. When the war came he tried his hand at a few minor acts of sabotage. He did not agree that Germans should be devastating Europe- invading other people's property, assaulting and killing. Soon enough he was on the run. He was lucky enough to get to Switzerland before any of the socialists could get to him.

    I asked him about the risks he took at such an early time in his life. He lost everything. Why chance it? Why do such crazy, dangerous things? He said that he did what he stood for. There was no other way to act. For him there is no separation between one's ideals and how one acts (he reckoned you must behave according to your ideals and oppose that which is their antithesis). Perhaps that would be why he considered himself, "the only one who can live with himself" (referring to others who he knew from those times).

    So here we are in easy-street NZ. There is no personal risk to voting according to one's ideals or even not voting at all. Yet over and over again there are these shills squealing that one must vote for the socialists or else the vote is "wasted." What a crock of shit they excrete. One should never compromise with such poisoners. There is no need to.

    If you intend to vote, vote for freedom. Vote for that which you believe.


  13. Spot on, LG. I salute that elderly German. There's a principled man for you.

    In that vein, I'll never forget the second I saw the number tatooed on the inside of an Israeli man's arm. We were side by side, picking fruit in a kibbutz orchard. He reached up & his sleeve exposed the number; it was faded & rough, but still evident.

    I felt my skin crawl at all it stood for. At that moment I realised that the proverbial shiver of horror really can run down your spine.


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