Monday, 13 October 2008

Nick Smith at your Xmas table

NZ's Environmental Risk Management Authority -- the crowd National's Nick Smith's wants to make into an even bigger bureaucracy called the Environmental Protection Agency -- has just sent out a memo "reminding importers that under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act, Christmas crackers are covered by the definition of, and controls on, the importation of fireworks."

    As such Christmas crackers require a completed Certificate to Import Explosives from Erma (the Environmental Risk Management Authority) New Zealand before they may be imported into New Zealand,” the circular states.
It is estimated that only approximately 60 percent of Christmas crackers being imported into the country obtain the required certificates.

So that means no Christmas crackers this Christmas, just like there's no decent fireworks on fireworks night.  And it also means that this summer you'll have Helen Clark in your shower, Jeanette Fitzsimons changing your lightbulbs, and now Nick Smith sitting at your Xmas table holding a wet blanket.

That's a pretty foul trifecta.


  1. Foul trifecta? I think I prefer unholy trinity.

    This is the same Nick Smith who, I'm told, dared to rail against Nanny State the other night re showerheads?

  2. You neglect to inform us why you say:

    "So that means no Christmas crackers this Christmas".

  3. Foul trifecta? That's an even fouler threesome!


  4. 'Helen Clark in your shower"

    I don't want that image in my mind.

    Mrs Danvers


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