Thursday, 9 October 2008

A hopeless shower

It's like you've just won the radio competition from hell, and for your prize Helen Clark and Jeanette Fitzsimons will be jumping in to join you in your morning shower -- and to show you who's in control they're going to force you to turn the tap down. Permanently.

Anyone who already knows the green-plated building regulations under which builders, designers and developers have laboured for years will be unsurprised at yet another imposition that makes decent showers illegal -- but for most of you, Nanny's new rules on showering will be a straw that challenges the strength of your camel's spine.

They've fucked up everything else, and now they're fucking up our showers.

"First they came for our lightbulbs," says DPF, and now they're coming for our showers.

It's time to tell Nanny to fuck right off.


  1. It's sad, but let them pile up layer over layer of bullshit regulations. It only serves to make regulations irrelevant to the larger public.

    You know the end of this madness is in sight when real estate agents in Waitakere City start to laugh when potential buyers ask for LIM reports.

    I have long ago reached the point that I no longer feel the need to ask permission for anything. On my property apply my regulations only and if the next buyer is too much of a zombie to see past it, then fuck 'em.

  2. What Dinther said. Exactly.
    They can go screw themselves--when they pay my bills then they can tell me what I can and cannot do.
    I just wish more people would grow a spine and kick these petty nazis in the gonads.

  3. Should create a great rental market,this one. Hire a couple of compliant shower heads until you get the sign-off, then replace them with your shower rose of choice. In the meantime go and have a nice deep bath. [That is until the next twisted bureaucrat comes up with the statute that baths shall be no deeper than a Labour politician's character]

    What on earth will it take for NZ to get off it's pathetic arse and horsewhip these wretched bloody idiot 'public servants' out of town?

  4. In the US they've had regulations regarding the volume of water they are allowed to flush in the toilet. It led to a lot of trade between Mexico and the US. Lots of people would run (!) down there to purchase a non-compliant big potty. The trade is illegal now as newer regulations prohibit the retrofitting of the compliant with the non-compliant toilets.


    A friend writes that when he went to study at the University of Auckland he read a particularly important piece of grafitti in the Auckland University Student Union toilets. It said something like this, "Student Union Policy- all grogans greater than 1.2kg are to be lowered by hand." Perhaps the progressives at the University are giving an early indication of where they intend to head next.



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