Sunday, 5 October 2008

Free Ayn Rand audio book

The Audio Books site is offering punters a free Ayn Rand audio book.  How cool is that!

Choose one of either Philosophy: Who Needs It?, The Virtue of Selfishness, or Atlas Shrugged, which would be a very long listen indeed -- although as this YouTube presentation using the Atlas audio book indicates, a damn good listen.

Just the sort of thing you'd want to listen to while touring the country by Winnebago.

UPDATE:  My spies tell me the book is free only if you cancel your order within fourteen days of downloading.  So be careful out there.


  1. I'd be interested if anyone used this offer successfully to download "Atlas Shrugged"?

    It didn't work for me.

    Because I'm in NZ, I got redirected to their US site, and on that site there are only 9 of her books. Not "Atlas".

  2. PC, apparently this is a con:

  3. Guys, if you logged on with these guys you would have had to give them your credit card details. After the first month they will start charging US$7.99 a month.


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