Sunday, 5 October 2008


I like giving credit where it's deserved, and here's three business-people who deserve it.

If you're in the market for a truck, then Phil Pacey in Otahuhu is your man.  For timber, you shouldn't go past Bargain Boards in Kopu.  And for vinyl, there's Real Groovy in Christchurch, to whose manager I mentioned more than a year ago that I'd love to track down Phil Manzanera's 'Primitive Guitars,' a fine album I could only now enjoy on a deteriorating tape cassette, and on Friday a box arrived in the post -- a vinyl copy of the album with a note saying "A wee something for you."

So for service above and beyond, etc., these people deserve all the praise I could muster.  Thanks to you all.  :-)


  1. Yes, Phil Pacey is a splendid chap! ...the World needs more like him.

  2. Also spotted 801 Live lurking in the vinyl bins at Penny Lane here in Christchurch. Happy to score on your behalf. Contact me via my blog. Cheers. Paul

  3. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for that, but I already have two copies of that one.

    Buy that one for a friend. :-)

    (Sorry, couldn't find a contact email at your blog.)

  4. I love that album
    Babys on fire is one of my all time favourite tracks
    How much is on that album? I dont have a copy of that any more
    Let me know at:


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