Thursday, 23 October 2008

The best garden shed in Hamilton


One of the great things about good clients and good architecture is that once you develop a grammar for the primary building in a group, the rest of the 'collection' almost design themselves -- as a prime example, this garden shed, designed by some very fine clients as a perfect 'garden wall' addition to their main house.

In particular, I love the way the rain chain and the 'slots' in the boundary block wall play off each other, and the way the sunlight comes through upon the decking.  Very nice.


  1. Stunning! I knew you were a stellar commentator. I had no idea you were such an outstanding architect as well. Bravo.

  2. Why thank you sir -- although I must hasten to say that credit for this little cutie must go to my clients.

    They'll be very pleased to read your praise. :-)

  3. That is bloody awesome. Now I want to be an architect. :-)

    A rain chain, you say? I haven't ever seen one in action but it sounds cool.

  4. LUKE: Rain chains? A traditional Japanese alternative to ugly bloody downpipes.

    You can find more about them, and even order one, here.

    And I'd like to be able to recommend a good local architecture school ... but I can't. ;^)

  5. lovely... would the clients care to "Share their shed" with our sheddie's on


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