Friday, 15 December 2006

House - Organon Architecture

House in Hamilton nearing completion...

... the gift wrapping is nearly ready to come off ...

UPDATE: "Some drawings posted," as requested. :-)

Organon Architecture

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  1. Is this the house that we went to see the plan about 2 years ago, where we drove from Raglan to Hamilton?

  2. Post up some drawings!

    What is the coving between the doors/windows and the overlights? Is that for feature lighting?


  3. Ah, those are our ceiling decks, which are cunningly woven throughout the house.

    They perform all sorts of useful functions... :-)

    (Actually, I put together a web page for a client some time back to give them an idea about ceiling decks. You might perhaps find it interesting?)

  4. Hehe, 'complex cognitive means'. I'm going to use that one next time I'm selling in a design idea... "These giant prongs help to create a feeling of homeliness, by complex cognitive means" ;)

    I like the plan and elevations. It's a pity there isn't more indication of materiality. Perhaps (client willing) you should keep posting images as construction progresses...


  5. "...'complex cognitive means'..."

    Yeah, you got me.

    In mitigation, may I plead putting together a web page in a rush?

  6. Nice!! I especially liked the page on ceiling decks. I noted the pic of the Gamble house and the woodwork that delineates the inglenook. I shopuld tell you sometime about the Greene Bros. frat house at UC Berkeley I had occasion to tour some years back. Thorsen House.

  7. "Nice!!"

    Why, thank you sir. High praise form a man who knows what he's looking at.

    Any time you want to talk about Greene and Greene I'm all ears. :-)


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