Friday, 19 September 2008

Top NOT PC, 5/9 to 19/9

AnotherCocktailBarman Yes, it was a busy few days in Fiji for your favourite friendly blogger (thanks for asking), but the work still got done.  Here's what you rated here over the last fortnight:

  1. National environmental nonsense
    "If you notice this notice, you will notice there is no notice to notice."  That pretty much explains the big wet no-change-at-all that is National's environmental policy.
  2. State Police
    The non-independence of NZ's police proceeds apace.
  3. A tale of two speeches
    That was a great speech from Sarah Palin -- and it's still got the world talking -- but what about her other one?  How scary is that!
  4. "Behold, what a wonder is man!"
    Stuff mediocrity worship, just look at the power of the human mind!
  5. Who's for a poke in the eye, then?
    There's only one way to really and truly waste your vote ...
  6. Can't fail, won't fail, must fail
    Government bankers still think the magic salve of printed money can turn stones into bread, and snatch miracles out of disaster.  And guess who's gonna pay for their error?
  7. Just scratching a living in paradise
    PC staggers out of the bar to analyse why Fiji is a basket case, but why nonetheless there's some grounds for hope.

Enjoy!  And don't forget to check out the latest Objectivist blog roundup at Titanic Deck Chairs, which includes Nick Provenzo's follow-up on the controversial 'abortion' post that got anti-abortionist Palin supporters so riled up.

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