Friday, 19 September 2008

A great semi-final tonight!

There's a big semi-final on tonight, a tantalising prospect, a team at the very top of its game taking on a team of battlers who've played above themselves for most of the year.

Yes, in tonight's AFL semi-final Geelong, my team (go the Cats!), takes on the Western Bulldogs at the MCG -- the only semi that matters a damn tonight. 

You can watch it on Sky Sport 3 from 9:30pm, and read all the coverage you need here at the Real Footy site. 

Go the Cats!

UPDATE 1: Oh yes, good luck to all you followers of that five-tackles-and-a-kick sport, but don't be disappointed when you (re)discover that local leaguies  have no ticker. 

UPDATE 2: And I'm told the second AFL semi between Hawthorn and St Kilda will also be shown live on Sky, tomorrow night at the same time.  Looks like we all get to kick a goal.  ;^)


  1. Good luck for your Geelong chaps with the game tonight!

    Geelong is a splendid part of Australia...splendid school, full of 'normal' people.

    Will be good if they win!

  2. You just like the short shorts Peter

  3. Tick tick chicken barbecue. The Warriors march on to the final.

  4. I would make two changes to AFL - killing the ball by giving away a behind is an automatic goal.

    And get some clarity about the dead ball clarity - I can never work out why sometimes it's a bounce, other times a penalty to the team not in possesion, and other times a penalty to the team in possesion! (I know it has to do with allowing the other team a fair chance at the ball, but I can never work it out, so how can the refs?)

    Go the Lions! (No, not the Brisbane Lions)

  5. No ticker? Not this time, PC, unless you mean chicken tikka! :)

    10 wins from 12 outings is a good show.

    Yes, Michael, go Wgtn from me, too! And re Rules .. after three years in Hobart where I was force-fed an exclusive diet of it (pre-pay tv) each winter, I learned two things: the bloody game goes on for a fortnight and you even get a point for missing. ;)


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