Friday, 19 September 2008

Beer O’Clock: The Beer Store

Regular beer correspondent Neil Miller from RealBeerNZ comes both to praise NOT PC readers, and then bury you ... in good beer.  Read on.

NOT PC readers are, by definition, a discerning and demanding bunch. While these semi-regular Beer O’Clock columns attempt to educate and expand drinker’s beer palates, there are always some questions. For this blog, the most common questions are:

    1. How come Steinlager gives me such a bad headache?
    2. How come you don’t apply Ayn Rand’s writings to beer tasting enough?
    3. How much is Lindsay Perigo’s 0900 number per minute?
    4. That beer you were writing about sounds good, but where the heck am I supposed to find it?

I don’t even want to speculate on question number three, but the answer to the fourth question just became a whole lot easier with the successful launch of The Beer Store - New Zealand’s on-line specialist beer supplier.

The Beer Store currently has over 300 boutique beers from New Zealand and the world including many which are impossible to source even in beer-rich Wellington. Most of the beers ever covered in Beer O’Clock are available at the Store. If they are not – just ask. The range is expanding daily.

In my first order, I picked up a six-pack of Croucher Pale Ale and a six-pack of Dux de Lux Nor'Wester. Next time, I can't go past the Brew Moon Hophead IPA - I haven't seen that brew here for years.

The order process is simple enough even for me to use (which means it must be very simple) and, despite placing my order late on Wednesday afternoon, the beer arrived in a robust cardboard box the very next day. It would take a phenomenally determined courier to damage the beer in this kind of packaging.

One of the very nice touches about the site is that provides quite detailed information on every beer. That takes away a bit of the guesswork about what you are ordering.

I was hugely impressed with the whole Beer Store experience from start to finish.  You will be too.

Cheers, Neil


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  2. Thanks Neil - I have also wondered about Lindsay Perrigo's 0900 cost per minute too!

    Good to see there is a store in New Zealand bringing great international beers in.


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