Friday, 26 September 2008

NOT PC's week, to 26/09

It's been a busy week here at NOT PC, and in politics in general, and while other blogs and most politicians are content to rake muck and monger scandal, this one has been focused on fundamentals -- and rocketing reader numbers suggest to me you appreciate that.  Anyway, here's what you, the readers, ranked most highly over the last seven days or so:

  1. "Lock up the bloggers!"
    In Europe MPs are trying to silence recalcitrant bloggers; in Malaysia they're locking them up; while in NZ politicians are simply "reviewing broadcasting and web rules."  Whatever happened to free speech?
  2. Is the phenomenenal disconnected from the noumenal ... ?
    Who knew that the world's most destructive philosopher appears to be alive and well and apparently flourishing ... in Fiji?
  3. Who's for a poke in the eye, then?
    The only wasted vote is a vote for someone who's going to do you over.
  4. Avoid these dairy products
    A link to an "unqualified list" of Chinese dairy and related products you might like to avoid.
  5. Borrowed time - the anatomy of recession
    There are too many parallels to the Crash of 1929 for comfort -- including almost complete ignorance of the reasons for economic collapse.
  6. Stop the bailouts!
    The same so called "experts" responsible for the all the counterfeit capital that caused all the trouble now want to inject more of the same  rocket fuel that caused the problem in the first place!
  7. Sensing Bullshit!
    The worst TV show in a very poor schedule just won awards for excellence, when what its makers really deserve is opprobrium and a punch in the face.

Lots of good reading then, including this script for John Clarke poking fun at John Key's wriggling (which IMHO drew tool little attention), and still more good reading at this week's Objectivist blog roundup over at Rational Jenn's.

Enjoy your weekend, and Go the Cats!rfso_sep08


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  2. Hatefull Ruth Hates.

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  4. Ruth,

    Rest assured. I, for one, very much consider you to a fraud.


  5. I have no idea what Ruth was talking about, but I can spot a libel when I see one.

    Talk honestly here, or don't talk at all.


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