Thursday, 25 September 2008

Avoid these dairy products

Blogger Lady Lavender, whom I consider a reliable source, has an "unqualified list" of Chinese dairy and related products you might like to avoid.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the contaminated NZ dairy products you should worry about

Labour permitted the merger that produced Fonterra.

Helen ruined the NZ Dairy Industry

25 Sep 2008, 18:17:00  
Blogger Elijah Lineberry said...

The Chinamen are 'dirty b*ggers' aren't they? to avoid anything from that neck of the woods!

(Stereotypes are stereotypes for a very good, and fairly obvious, reason)

25 Sep 2008, 18:54:00  
Blogger Luke H said...

Excellent, another highly intelligent comment from Elijah 'they all look the same to me' Lineberry ...

25 Sep 2008, 19:36:00  
Blogger Dinther said...

All good an well to see a list like this but let's face it. Do you really think I go and search on labels for manufacturer information?

I will have forgotten about this before the week is out.

Last month in traffic I got cut off by this plumber. I'll never use his services ever. Uh. Damn, if I only remember their name.

25 Sep 2008, 21:05:00  
Anonymous DenMT said...

PC: Your continued silence on Lineberry's carry-on reflects on you, at least in my eyes. For someone who sees it as important to stand on your principles, you condone a whole lot of stupid shit from this guy under the paper-thin guise of 'light non-PC humour'. Unimpressed.


25 Sep 2008, 21:06:00  
Blogger KG said...

Are those pursed lips, Denmt or are you sucking a lemon?

25 Sep 2008, 21:57:00  
Anonymous DenMT said...

No KG, I just call racism 'racism' when I see it. And I don't stand from it, not from family, not from friends, and certainly not from idiots on the internet.


26 Sep 2008, 00:21:00  
Anonymous Ariel said...

A job offer for Elijah here. Excellent remuneration package.

26 Sep 2008, 00:31:00  
Anonymous LGM said...


Get over yourself!

You should go read the post about free speach.


26 Sep 2008, 06:27:00  
Anonymous LGM said...

While getting uppity and annoyed about the people who adulterated the food supply, consider that a similar business has been going on in regards to the money supply for a very long time.


26 Sep 2008, 06:35:00  
Blogger KG said...

Just an observation Den, and mildly put:
I've worked all over Africa and Australia in the bush, among black Africans and Aborigines and lived in New Zealand on and off for years. (and became a NZ citizen yesterday at 3pm. :-) )
And you know where I've seen the worst, most virulent racism?
In the far North of NZ.
My wife has walked into the middle of rioting, drunken Aborigines to treat patients, dealt with Africans high on weed etc again and again--yet it was in Kaikohe she was spat upon and called a "fucking white cunt" and threatened with violence when treating patients.
Not once or twice, but repeatedly. She was followed home and harassed on the road, we were repeatedly burgled and threatened with assault.
By Maoris.
None of those things happened with the people she'd worked amongst previously.

Yet Kiwis who preach and pontificate about racism seem to lack the courage to deal with the very real, very prevalent and very dangerous racism on the part of Maoris in this country.
Why is that?

26 Sep 2008, 06:50:00  
Anonymous DenMT said...

OK KG, I don't understand your point. Behaviour that your wife has experienced excuses Elijah Lineberry's bullshit? Begging your pardon, but you might want to google up 'straw-man-argument'.


26 Sep 2008, 06:54:00  
Anonymous DenMT said...

LGM - I have no problem with free speech. I'm not suggesting at all that PC moderates the endless diatribes in any way, more that I am totally surprised that it is apparently totally fine with him.

It's one thing to support free speech. It's totally another to endorse repellent opinions. Because I don't really know PC, but I imagined that carry-on like this would be repellent to him. It is to me at any rate. The only possible excuse is that it is some sort of elaborate ironic humour, which I don't think anyone really countenances.

I'm not suggesting I'm better than any of you. But if someone is a racist prick in my presence, I call them out for it.


26 Sep 2008, 07:03:00  
Blogger Elijah Lineberry said...

Congrats on your citizenship, KG.

You must not worry too much about people like DenMT...he is a White, Urban Liberal.

I hope he eats and drinks his way through Chinese products by the bucketload and dies.

Would serve him right!

26 Sep 2008, 08:20:00  
Anonymous hanso said...

Oh Elijah. When will you learn that the internet is an extreamly poor medium for sarcasm?

God forbid that you are not being sarcastic...

26 Sep 2008, 08:22:00  
Anonymous Sebastian said...

Brushing over a billion people with the same brush is far too collectivitist and therefore socialist for me. I prefer to deal with people as individuals.

But, to pretend that hygiene standards in China match our own, which is E.L's main point is dillusional. But it isn't because they are chinese but because they are a developing country and can not yet afford our hygiene level.

The Irony award goes to Demnt for telling to KG to look up the straw man argument. When his very argument was a straw man! (KG never claimed to be defending EL, he just took a chance to talk about a serious issue, which is ignored by the likes of Demnt)

26 Sep 2008, 08:40:00  
Anonymous LGM said...


You didn't call Elijah out for alleged racism. You called PC out for allowing Elijah to speak. There is a MAJOR difference between the two.

PC supports free speech. That means he supports free speech. Whether he agrees with Elijah's comment or not is beside the point. He supports free speech and therefore he allows Elijah to speak. That he so does tells us nothing about whether what Elijah said is all right with him or not. Granting free speech is not the same as an endorsement of the content of that speech.

Final point. The reason I suggested you review PC's comments regarding free speech is well summed up by this: "It's one thing to support free speech. It's totally another to endorse repellent opinions."

Understand that the excercise of free speech means that on occasion "repellent opinions" are going to be expressed. Aside from asking you the obvious question, "Repellent to whom." I ask you to consider carefully that granting another person free speech is not the same as endorsing what they say.


26 Sep 2008, 09:48:00  
Blogger KG said...

Thanks Elijah. It feels a little dd, calling myself a Kiwi but no doubt I'll get used to it in time. :-)

"OK KG, I don't understand your point. Behaviour that your wife has experienced excuses Elijah Lineberry's bullshit? Begging your pardon, but you might want to google up 'straw-man-argument'."
You don't understand my point yet you suggest I google "straw-man argument"?
No need to google it Dem, I have adequate onboard processing power, thank you.
Where in what I wrote is the suggestion that the contrasting treatments my wife has recieved constitutes support for anybody's point of view?
What I wrote was a little off-topic but the underlying message was that people like you fling the "racist" label around when it suits--almost reflexively in fact--when there's little evidence that racism on the part of brown or black people receives any attention at all from your ilk.
I find Elijah's comments a damn sight less offensive than self-righteous humourless prigs lecturing us all on what is and is not "acceptable" speech.

26 Sep 2008, 10:13:00  
Anonymous LGM said...


I had heard that parts of NZ were pretty terrible in regards to prejudice and racism but was unaware that it had developed to the level you describe. The up-side is that nature abhors a vacuum and the welfare culture that generates people with the attitudes you reported will collapse. It's completely unsustainable in the long run.


26 Sep 2008, 10:32:00  
Blogger Luke H said...

Make no mistake. PC has endorsed Elijah Lineberry on multiple occasions, to the point where he is one of the major drivers behind Elijah running for the Tamaki electorate under the Libz banner.

He is endorsing the man by holding him up as a person to vote for.

I believe it is this kind of explicit endorsement that DenMT was referring to.

Of course Elijah has freedom of speech. No-one has argued that his right to speech should be taken away. Many people seem blinded by some "racism is good because it is anti-political-correctness" idea.

Well, being anti-PC is one thing; Elijah's brand of anti-minority, anti-poor, anti-woman prejudice is another.

It's the kind of bullshit you would expect from NZ First, except they would be more subtle about it.

26 Sep 2008, 10:37:00  
Blogger PC said...

So -- if we can return to he substantive discussion for a moment , which barely got off the ground before being misdirected -- the truth is that the problem here is not that Chinamen are inherently dirty buggers, but that China endured over fifty years of communist rule before (just over a dozen years ago) Deng Xiaoping essentially declared corruption to be the way out -- leaving it now brimming with enterprise but with a legal structure even more primitive and corrupt than ours.

It's still very early days for China, and it's intoxicating to watch -- how often do you get a chance to watch a country going through the Industrial Revolution before your eyes, but as with every country who's had their Industrial Revolution, there are serious problems to address along the way.

26 Sep 2008, 10:50:00  
Blogger Luke H said...

A one sentence post pointing to a list is hardly a substantive discussion, PC.

26 Sep 2008, 11:03:00  
Blogger PC said...

Perhaps in more rational climes it might have pointed to one.

That is sometimes my hope.

26 Sep 2008, 11:08:00  
Blogger Luke H said...

Isn't a discussion of the acceptability (or otherwise) of racism a substantive, worthwhile discussion in itself? :-p

26 Sep 2008, 11:23:00  
Blogger Elijah Lineberry said...

There has been no racism on this discussion that I can see.

You only bring that up Luke to cause trouble and to be even more dishonest than usual.

26 Sep 2008, 11:26:00  
Blogger KG said...

lgm, I don't want to give the wrong impression here--that level of racism is pretty unusual and seems to be confined to isloated areas for the far north.
I've detected none in the place we live now.

26 Sep 2008, 11:53:00  
Blogger Lady Lavender said...

PC - your very exciting forum makes me dream of racial harmony in a place I used to call home, in Rocky's world where different races have to find a workable way forward despite many thorns on each other's side. In 1969, massive racial riots erupted in Malaysia. It has been over 30 years, and there wounds are still fresh in many places.

27 Sep 2008, 00:37:00  

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