Friday, 5 September 2008

More, please.

Speaking of things that should be banned on publicly "owned" footpaths, as some people have been, there are politicians about who'd like to ban this:

The fools.

What say we make a concerted effort instead to make bans unfashionable?  Who's with me here?  Let's Ban Bans!

If you don't like something someone's doing, what's wrong with persuasion for goodness' sake.


  1. I am with you, Peter! ..let's ban all the bans which snivelling people seek to impose out of envy.

  2. Oh crikey, haven't you got the memo. We're supposed to be disagreeing. ;^)

  3. I'm with you on this.

    I propose the adoption of the slogan: "Ban Nothing. Question Everything".

    This was the slogan of the unfortunately now-defunct UK "Living Marxism" magazine which stood apart from the current state of the left by being rather libertarian and against censorship, authoritarianism, etc.

    So speaking from a left perspective, I'd argue that the left in NZ need to re-embrace libertarianism and free-thinking. I'm not too optimistic about this happening in a hurry however.


  4. 'Living Marxism' has become 'Spiked Online,' which is very libertarian, and utterly against censorship and authoritarianism -- and always a bloody good read.

    And you're dead right on everything else too, Bryce. :-)

  5. Actually - I am with the politicians here -I think all those layabouts standing around should be banned so we can focus on the important issue here

  6. It seems like a contradiction to make bans unfashionable, given that fashion is an individual choice to running with the herd and bans are physical maps to enforce that the fashionable run à la mode.

  7. Hell, subsidise that kind of stuff. I'll pay :-)

    Bryce, you're the most sensible leftie I've met. Keep up the good work.


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