Friday, 1 August 2008

So good, you have to read them again...

Here's what ranked highly here at NOT PC this week with readers, commenters and yours truly.  Now's the time to catch up if you missed out the first time round:

  1. Why I'm a leftie - Trotter
    After last week's 'hate speech' in which he lambasted wealth creators and the makers of jobs, self-confessed leftie Chris Trotter challenges himself to present a "things-I-believe-in" column instead of the usual drivel. The results are more revealing than he might think.
  2. Queenstown fascists bankrupting bar owners
    Award-winning bar owner Jason Clark is facing closure by council bullies intent on snuffing out late-night pleasure in the twenty-four hour tourist town. Why? Because they can.
  3. "Undecided" are the third most popular
    Why don't poll results display the so called undecided vote in their totals?  Beats me, especially when (as in the most recent poll) the 'none of the above' selection scores so highly.
  4. Flip Flop Watch: Another 'me too'
    In 2004 he said of Welfare for Working Families, "it's communism by stealth. It didn't work very well for Eastern Europe and it won't work very well for New Zealand."  Now, in 2008, John Key says, "Me too" --- and "three bags full" and welfare for every one.  Why would you want this empty windbag in your voting sights when he stands for nothing, and can be relied upon for nothing?
  5. Happy birthday, Kiwiblog
    Five years and nine-and-a-half million visitors later, David Farrar's Kiwiblog is NZ's number one political blog.  How come?  What does he have that all the others don't?
  6. New Scottish banknotes - Stuart Rost, designer
    Check out the coolest bank notes this side of the Falkirk wheel.
  7. Heads up for this afternoon
    Listen to Chris Trotter, Joanne Black, and Australian Objectivist and internet radio host and blogger Prodos lock horns over Austalia's new ban on smoking in your own car.  Great listening.

And don't forget to check out the latest Objectivist blog carnival, hosted this week at Titanic Deck Chairs.  Have a great weekend!

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