Monday, July 28, 2008

Flip Flop Watch: Another 'me too'

Labour's Welfare for Working Families bribe has transformed large swathes of New Zealand's middle classes into welfare beneficiaries. When introduced, National called it "a giant welfare package," which it is, said it is "a waste of money," which it has been, and pointed out that it trapped working beneficiaries into penury with an effective marginal tax rate of one-hundred percent, which it does.

Asked about it yesterday, however, Key confirmed National's Welfare for Working Families policy: "Me too."

Nothing has changed to counter those criticisms.  What has changed is the National Party, who have now adopted every major policy that they've opposed for nine years.

Meanwhile, as credit dries up on capital markets -- and with no planned spending cuts from a Key-led government --  John Boy has confirmed against criticism that National "will not borrow to fund tax cuts."  Notice however that he hasn't ruled out borrowing to fund so called "public investment," which was how Key justified its borrowing plans in 2005 to fund its promised tax cuts.

National: the opposition you have when you don't have an opposition...

UPDATE 1: How many ways does this flip flop violate National's so-called party principles?  Let Lindsay Mitchell count the ways, and watch her effortlessly count to nine.

UPDATE 2John Key, 2004:

    Mr Key predicted the new system would have "huge behavioural outcomes" and he was concerned that employers would find workers refusing to do overtime or weekend work.
    The effect of the Budget had been to push the disincentive far into middle New Zealand, he said.
    "They've got the vast majority of people now trapped in a one-size-fits-all. We all pay one rate - it's communism by stealth.
    "It didn't work very well for Eastern Europe and it won't work very well for New Zealand."

John Key, 2008:

"Me too."

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Anonymous LGM said...

A vaguely oily, strangely unpleasant man with no particular redeaming feature, lacking principles, possessed with the whim to be Prime Minister- mebbe.


7/28/2008 11:58:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

National has always had only one overriding principle: TO WIN AND HOLD POWER

All other considerations are secondary to that.

National: 52%; ACT 2%.

And they will still lose to Helen! (thank you MMP; thank you Maorimander!).

If ACT gets up to 20% of the party vote - as it damn well should! - while National wins say 40 electorates - as it will then NZ may be in a position to attempt to return to a Western standard of living

Until then: shut the fuck up.

7/28/2008 01:38:00 pm  
Anonymous Sus said...

"National has always had only one overriding principle: TO WIN AND HOLD POWER"

Anon with a penchant for bolding, capitals and sometimes both: Interesting choice of word, "principle". You confuse it with "motive".

"Until then: shut the fuck up."

That's right. For God's sake, don't state the obvious. It might get people thinking - and that would never do.

For somebody who supposedly detests socialism, you're backing an odd horse.

7/28/2008 02:02:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

National needs to, and must win at all costs. The natural order will only be retored when national has regained power! Then, and only then, can National impliment all of Labour's policies, as God intended. Nationals divine right to rule must not be questioned. To do so is an act of blatant heresy against the creator!

7/28/2008 02:52:00 pm  
Anonymous Hayden said...

Anon, are you the cocksucker of the National party? I thought so.

7/28/2008 03:56:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is a crime against God, so I would never engage in such an act. If the Great Leader John Key, as ordained by God, was in need of some comfort and relief, then it would be my moral imperiative to provide such relief. But that would not be an act of Homosexualitity, though it would be an act of Love! There is a difference.

7/28/2008 04:03:00 pm  
Anonymous James said...

Hmmmmm me thinks Anon is takeing the piss....but not orally!............,(unless God said John Key needed him to....;-))

7/28/2008 09:34:00 pm  
Blogger Cactus Kate said...

This one is disgusting.

WFF - the ONE policy National could have rolled back and given a much larger tax cut over.

Now tell me how they can promise any tax cuts.

7/29/2008 05:50:00 am  
Anonymous LGM said...

Made my day.

7/29/2008 01:56:00 pm  

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