Thursday, 31 July 2008

"Undecided" are the third most popular

Many people consider the election is already over. At the same time, most polls are reported without the number of undecided voters`mentioned (Galt knows why, since the number is always significant).

Checking the figures for the most recent poll, the Herald's Digipoll gives the point some context -- 110 of the 770 people polled were either undecided, or would prefer "none of the above."  Here's the 770 responses in order, with the "undecided" group ranking third:

366 National
203 Labour
110 undecided
36   Greens
27   NZ First
17   Maori
6    United
1    Act


  1. Most undecided simply won't vote. Non-voters have won every election in the US, at least, for years.

    And the election *is* over - it's going to be a rout. Key is a brilliant strategist - he has robbed Labour of all their potentially powerful points of contrast. A painful thought for those on the libertarian right though that may be.

    And all this 'no policy' stuff is barking up the wrong tree as well. A huge number of voters think a politician with no policy is a beautiful thing. People aren't as dumb as you think - and Key certainly would not have gone from poverty to rich list by being brainless or whatever you call him, and by not thinking outside the square.

    Now I want to see him finish Rodney Hide off.

  2. ...and what will the "brilliance strategist" achieve in the end? Other than "finishing Rodney Hide off" (likely the rest of the country as well) nothing much will the hollow ones alter. They want power but for what?


  3. LGM,

    How dare you question John Keys divine right to rule! Pope Ruth has ordained his succession. And we all know the infallibility of the Pope.

  4. Thats a lot of potential voters, if only I could find them...

  5. "Key is a brilliant strategist - he has robbed Labour of all their potentially powerful points of contrast."

    Which is another way of saying he has little, if any, point of real difference.

    So why vote for him?

  6. You tell me Sus.

    It's like those who say they are disillusioned with Obama over the FISA bill and thus they will be voting McCain. It's so ridiculous it makes my head hurt.

    Tell me why many of us find neither candidate attractive yet are not considering voting third party.

    It's because you suck at this gig.

    That Darnton guy is excellent - he is humorous, he doesn't get his hate on with Maori and 'poor' people - at least not in public- he's not elitist, and he speaks in language everyone can understand.

    If he had the profile PC, Perigo, Lineberry and other gratuitously insulting elitist libertarians have you could really go places, I have no doubt.

    It may annoy you, but he has many of the attributes Key has. Give this guy some air. Some guest posts. Anything.

  7. What?! Pope Ruth ordaining Darnton...I thought Key was the divine choice. I feel a crises of faith coming on. Oh Lord, how you test me!

  8. "Tell me why many of us find neither candidate attractive yet are not considering voting third party."

    Good question .. but it's hardly unique to NZ. Same can be said for the US (as you noted), the UK and Australia last year, in that I thought little of both Howard & Rudd.

    "It's because you suck at this gig".

    Gee thanks! I won't take it personally ..

    But it remains a real problem to encourage people to look outside the two old parties .. and the myriad of smaller ones are generally variations on a socialist theme.

    You're right about Bernard. He *is* good value - and, like JK appears to be (and I've never said otherwise, by the way), a genuinely nice guy.

    Spkg for myself, I'm a busy person; this is spare time stuff for me - and, frankly, I'd rather be doing other things. Many of us fall into that category.

    So going back to your point of increased exposure, what would you suggest?

  9. Invite Alan Greenspan to talk in NZ.

    My husband has said he would like to come here. It's not a joke. This would give you huge exposure.

  10. Ruth, I am proud to say I am an 'elitist libertarian', and delighted people are using such a term to describe me. Well done!

    However, I think Lindsay and Peter find that sort of thing embarrassing...ha ha

  11. Ruth

    Greenspan has contributed greatly to the present recession, destruction of wealth and all the misery that entails. He knows it.

    Why would anyone want to invite that creature to talk? He should be in a cell.


  12. Elijah:

    Ir depends what you consider "elite" attributes. Intellegence, honourability, and rationality, are considered elite by most in the Libz. "Good skin", "Good shoes", and a "Good accent", are not.

  13. Hanso... yes, that about sums it up and fortunately I possess all six attributes, although no one else seems to, alas..

  14. Good skin/shoes/accent:

    "I possess all six attributes, although no one else seems to, alas."

    The cheek of it! Speak for yourself, white boy! ;)

  15. Ha ha! just my wee joke in response to a silly offence intended, Sue ;)


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