Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Post-colonial stress bullshit

FACT: Maori are over-represented in "intimate partner violence" (IPV);

HYPOTHESIS: Colonisation has torn Maori away from cultural roots and identity.

CONCLUSION (of just-released Ministry of Social Development study):  "This explanation to account for the over-representation of Māori in IPV was not supported by the data." 

IN ENGLISH: Don't give me that 'Post Colonial Traumatic Stress Disorder' baloney!

Lindsay Mitchell summarises what the conclusion of this research means for the grievance industry:

This is quite earth-shattering for those Maori who strongly assert that bringing people back in touch with their cultural identity will put them on the straight and narrow so-to-speak. Rehab programmes through to separatist Maori education should all be viewed with a new degree of scepticism as to whether they will deliver what is promised.

Or in other words, 'discourse' should involve less bullshit, 'rehab' should involve less Maoritanga, and justice should be colour blind.


  1. I don't come here often, but I assume this isn't one of those blogs that only trumpets government departments reports when it agrees with them? cheers

  2. I would use the phrase "draws you attention to" instead of "trumpet," Stephen.

    But is there something specific about the report to which you wish to object?

  3. Quite right, Lindsay Mitchell did the trumpeting.

    No I don't object to anything in the report (like anyone is going to do much more than skim it), but I'm terribly glad that it was done in the first place. Longitudinal studies take a lot of patience obviously, but the pay-off is big.


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