Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Not PC's blog stats for June

Here's some of the main stats for NOT PC's last month:

NZ Political Blog Rank for NOT PC: 5th (March, 4th)
Alexa Ranking, NZ: 558th (last month 569th)
Alexa Ranking, world: 254,965th (last month 275,373th)
Avge. Monday to Friday readership: 979/day (1,019)
Unique visits [from Statcounter] 26,265 (28,672)
Page views [from Statcounter] 42,680 (45,240)

Top posts:

Top referring sites: 
   Search engines 2832 referrals;  Kiwiblog 1311; Libertarianz 896; Whale Oil 650; No Minister 422; Cactus Kate 331; Lindsay Mitchell 221;  Mulholland Drive 202; NZ Capitalist 202; The Hive, 166
Top searches landing here:
    not pc 877; studionz 91; peter cresswell 86; john key me too 74; sean fitzpatrick libertarian 70; vultures fibre future 69; heineken mini keg 56; broadacre city 45; nipcc 45; organon architecture 42; boobs on bikes 37; asian sirens 33; alfred browning parker 29; peter rabbit tank killer 29
They're reading NOT PC here: 
Top countries (measured by Statcounter):
   NZ 45%; USA 19%; UK 5.1%; Australia 4.1%;  Germany 1.7%; Italy 1.3%; Holland 1.2%; Canada 1.2%
Top cities (Statcounter):  
   Auckland 14.4%; Wellington 4.9%; Christchurch 2.7%; Melbourne 2.0%; Washington DC 1.7%; London 1.6%; Canberra 1.3%; Mt Laurel, New Jersey 1.3%; Omaha, Nebraska 1.3%; New York 1.3%

Cheers, and thanks to you all for reading and linking to NOT PC this month, 
Peter Cresswell

1 comment:

  1. Delighted at these statistics, Peter..gosh..up to 558! well done!

    I am equally delighted the Libz Fielday [sic] post was so popular.rgnxwpa


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