Monday, 16 June 2008

Some pics from Fieldays (updated)

Here's a few photos of the Libz crew at work at Fieldays talking to part of the record Fieldays crowd(click the pics to enlarge). We figure someone at Fieldays must have had a sense of humour, putting the Nats right next door to us :

P6130246The crew at work (below). Punters sign up for more, while Eli checks the deserted National Party stand next door (left). Note the signs indicating who paid for the Nats' site.

Here's the Nats' Rotorua candidate on Friday afternoon, just before we sent him home for vagrancy.P6130248And here he is hugging a tree ...

Here's Maurice Wimpianson looking for today's National policy...
P6130249 And here's Maurice all alone, and still in the dark ...

P6130254 4.37pm on Friday - the taxpayers obviously didn't pay enough to keep these people (left) on the job for the full day either.P6130257

NZ First lady (right) knew all about Libz "because we read all your press releases."


Here's the winning message that drew the punters in:

And a winning stand -- the only political party stand that was Not Taxpayer Funded: P6140270

And, finally, guess which party has ideas ... and which one's completely in the dark ...

UPDATE 1: Following on from what I said after my own stint on the Libz stand earlier in the week, here's some of what the Libz volunteers observed over the week:

  1. Libertarianz' name recognition has increased enormously amongst rural folk, as has the realisation that if parties keep dishing out the same old slop we'll keep getting the same old big-government failure.
  2. Libertarianz is no longer seen as 'extremist' -- at least not by the people we were talking to. It's taken twelve years, but policies like abolishing the RMA and separating school and state were being talked about as sensible and 'centrist.' As they say, it's not until you get bored with saying something that it finally starts to sink in.
  3. Oh, and no questions on the roads. Real people are over the small stuff.
  4. Most National MPs are better privately than they are publicly (hard not to be, really), but every single one of them lacks courage. The lesson being that the more principled activists can make it politically acceptable for politicians to say (as Kate Wilkinson did, for example) that National MPs are opposed to compulsion, the better. Even better if they mean it when they say it.
  5. ACT are now irrelevant. Not one person mentioned ACT to us all week, not even to write then off.
  6. And so too are Winston First and United No Future. For once, there was no rabid geriatric supporters of Winston first to give us the usual 'The Messiah Will Save Us' speech, and no Winston to show up and sooth his few remaining supporters. And no one even knew who Peter Dunne was.
  7. The traditional farming constituency of the National Party are very angry with the Nats. There is widespread agreement that they are just Labour-Lite, widespread annoyance that they've bought the phony global warming line -- and absolute outrage that they're proposing their own Emissions Trading Scheme -- and apparently no support at all for National's mealy-mouthed sleep-walking to the election. A rural vote for National this year will not be a vote for National but a vote against Helen Clark. The Nats will have to earn back any genuine support -- if they can.
UPDATE 2: Note that unlike the other political parties at Fieldays, the Libz stand was NOT taxpayer funded. If you'd like to help out with the costs of the stand, you can donate here. :-)


  1. What's the Japanese-looking screen in the Labour booth for?

    Cheque-writing area for secret loans perhaps? Or a sign-up sheet for next years gongs, beside a big donations bucket? Or did they sub-let a small area to the Progressives?

  2. Having spent 8hrs on the stand on Thurs and Friday, I can endorse your comments.
    The anger at the Nats wimpishness in regards rampant bureaucracy was amazing. Two days with hardly a decent argument, and constant endorsement of our message!
    Hell -- I felt almost main stream.
    We are going to have sharpen up message to get our 'extremist' mojo back.

  3. Good on you! Have the Libz always advertised at Fieldays?

  4. Hanso: YEs we have -- skipped last year, but from memory other than that been there nearly every year since 2000.

  5. Are the libz going to have stands at other major A&P shows throughout the country this year? (eg the Chch show?).

    Sounds like your outing to Mystery Creek was a sucess (well done!).

    I think rural folks will become incresingly receptive to your ideas, and it would be great idea to keep the momentum going!.



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