Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Interesting, is it?

It's said that whatever Winston Peters's many all too obvious faults, he does at least make politics interesting.
-- Really?  Hasn't been that interesting for the last two weeks, has it.

It's said that his behaviour over the last two weeks has tarnished his reputation, and damaged his credibility.
-- Really?  I wasn't aware that he had any remaining vestiges of credibility, or any reputation left to tarnish -- except with the five percent or so of morons who are his target voters, which is all he needs to maintain his sinecure, and for whom a picture of Winston in the paper is all the political argument they can handle.

And people like Bob Jones, who express disappointment that the money they gave Winston didn't apparently end up where they thought it would?
-- What the hell did they expect when they gave good money to a known snake-oil salesman?  I trust they've now learned their lesson.

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