Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Breast is best, says Labour

Mark Hubbard reckons that at least Labour are honest:

    From the latest site update,
    "Associate Health Ministers Damien O’Connor and Steve Chadwick today welcomed a new social marketing campaign aimed at ensuring more New Zealand babies are breastfed. ... “This government is committed to improving breastfeeding rates ..." [emphasis mine]

"Yep, they've got that right," says Mark. "Everyone from day one to the grave is on the State tit."

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  1. Thanks for this Peter :)

    Call me an idiot, though, go on, but I was editing this post last night with more information, and deleted it instead of edited it ... which wasn't easy given deleting is a two stage process.

    But your cross post here carries the message well.

    Mark Hubbard


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