Thursday, 26 June 2008

Sexing up your story

brtribe460x276 It seems that "right thinking" people don't mind someone "sexing up" a story -- it all depends on the story being sexed up.

Hot on the heels of warmist-in-chief James Hansen telling the US Senate that oil company executives need to be locked up for "crimes to humanity" -- this after two decades of placing "emphasis on extreme scenarios" in order to gain attention or his issue de jour -- comes an admission from the chap who "discovered" the "lost tribe" in the Amazon that made news earlier in the month that a) he hadn't discovered them at all, and b) the tribe wasn't lost.

In fact, both the existence and location of the Amazon Indians'  was already known, and have been known since 1910 --he simply "hoped the publicity would lift the threat of logging." Story here.  And here.

And that's our present culture -- a place where honesty and clear thinking is valued less than dishonesty in the name of "right thinking."

Frankly, if you have to lie to make your point, you haven't got one.

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