Tuesday, 24 June 2008

"Lock up the oil men"!?

James Hansen -- the man who last year likened the construction of a new coal-based power plant as equivalent to the holocaust; who said that trains bringing coal to the new power plant are like than the "death trains" that moving Jews to extermination camps; that Duke Energy's James Rogers is a prospective killer for supporting the new plant -- -- now tells the world that oil companies need to "be put on trial for high crimes against humanity and nature" -- crimes against humanity and nature, yet! -- for, quote,  "putting out misinformation even via organisations that affect what gets into school textbooks."  Unquote.

Hansen is not a lone nutter who marches up and down Oxford St with a cardboard sign saying "We're all going to die in five minutes." No, Hansen heads NASA's climate team, and he takes his sign around the world's capitals to spread his message of doom. He is "the world's leading advocate of the idea of catastrophic global warming, and is Al Gore's primary climate advisor..." For twenty years now he's been marching around the world's capitals predicting climatic disaster with absolutely nothing to show for it* -- he recently had to admit that the warmest decade in the last one-hundred years occurred before he was even born -- and any lingering remnants of sanity are now being replaced by shrillness and increasingly vicious hyperbole.

This is a dickhead who launched his warmist place in the sun by sexing up his evidence, and looks likely to end his career exposed as a man whose organisation has had to resort to cooking the figures to make even his less extreme claims begin to look semi-sane.  Christ, it's not like they're even good at that job: they even lost Wellington recently.

Frankly, if it's "misinformation" that he thinks oil company executives should be locked up for, you have to wonder why he's excluded himself and Al Gore from his fatwa.

NB: To those people who object that once can't criticise a scientist, I respond that Hansen stopped being a scientist that hot day in 1988 he started sexing up his figures in order to grab the limelight for his pet theory, and stopped being sane when he started talking about death trains.  If it's not obvious to you by now that this politics, not science, then I have an engine that can run on banana skins I can sell you.

* When NASA’s James Hansen first sounded the alarm in Congress 20 years ago, says Steven Milloy at Junk Science, "he predicted that rising concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide, or CO2, would drive global temperatures higher by 0.34 degrees Celsius during the 1990s. But surface temperatures increased during that decade by only 0.11 degrees Celsius and lower atmosphere temperatures actually decreased. "  He's got even worse since.

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  1. This call from Hansen is fairly bizarre..(crimes against nature?!?!)...and it shows he has no credibility left!


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