Thursday, 19 June 2008

Purpose, not sacrifice

Despite what you might have heard, the point of ethics is not to understand how to treat others -- the primary point of ethics is understanding how to treat yourself.  Everything else comes afterwards.  (Tibor Machan points out that even the 'philosophers' who write airline's safety manuals understand this, when they advise that in an emergency you put on your own oxygen mask before you try helping others.)

Using this basic insight, Burgess Laughlin explains how understanding your own central purpose gives you the foundation on which to build your life, and helps you avoid making the very common error of "the third worst sacrifice" -- a sure road to unhappiness, therefore a clear sign you're treating yourself badly.

Read on to see what he means by that...

NB: Laughlin's post is part of a series on the Central Purpose of a Life.  Scroll down and read them all.  The time spent won't be a sacrifice. ;^)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very worthwhile PC. Thanks for that.

- Sam

19 Jun 2008, 20:39:00  

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