Saturday, 28 June 2008

More music!

More filing by lying around on a relaxed Saturday morning-- -- here's what's currently lying around my stereo looking well-used from annoying the neighbours in recent days, filed here in no particular order:

  • BENNY GOODMAN - Live at Carnegie Hall, 1938
  • DIZZY GILLESPIE - Cognac Blues
  • DUKE ELLINGTON - Jump for Joy
  • LEONID KOGAN - Russian Revelation
  • STOKOWSKI - Wagner Symphonic Synthesis
  • WAGNER - The 'Ring' Without Words (Lorin Maazel & Berlin Philharmoniker)
  • 'AMADEUS' - Soundtrack
  • LIZST - Piano Works (Tzimon Barto)
  • TOM WAITS - Mule Variations
  • JULIAN COPE - Floored Genius
  • GRAHAM PARKER - Anthology: Passion is No Ordinary Word
  • BEETHOVEN - Late String Quartets (Emerson String Quartet)
  • TERENCE DENNIS - Liszt & Wagner Piano Works
  • JAZZ 101 - "Jazz with no prerequisites" - Introduction to Latin Jazz
  • PHIL JUDD - Novelty Act
  • WILLY DIXON - I Am the Blues
  • AIDA - Leontyne Price/Georg Solti/Teatro dell'Opera di Roma
  • LOUIS ARMSTRONG - Hot Five & Hot Seven (vol. 3)
  • ANN MOFFO & RUDOLPH SCHOCK - Die Schonsten Melodien ...
  • WAGNER - Flying Dutchman (Karajan & Berlin Philharmonik)
  • BEN FOLDS FIVE -Whatever & Ever Amen
  • DRESDEN DOLLS - Yes, Virginia...
  • W.B. YEATS - Now & In Time to Be
  • BOB DYLAN - Modern Times

What's lying around your sound equipment looking well used?  And, just as a wee quiz, any idea what the connection is between the first and last artists in that list above?

Right, off to file everything away alphabetically again ...


  1. So what is the connection between Benny G and Bob D - aside from their being marvellous talents? I'm intrigued.

    Re Modern Times: I think it's some of his best work, ever. Right up there.

  2. The connection? A chap called John Hammond who 'discovered' them both, and signed them to Columbia Records.

    He did the same for Billie Holiday, Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, Aretha Franklin, George Benson, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

    Not a bad haul for one talent scout. :)

    Re, Modern Times: Yes, you're right. Can't quite work out though why he takes the writing credit for the likes of Rollin'& Tumblin'?


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