Friday, 27 June 2008

Get your best posts here ...

Once again, here's the best half-dozen barbs against barbarism posted at NOT PC this week, based largely on what got readers stampeding to the site.   If you missed out, here's what kept readers most informed, enlightened and entertained this week:

  1. A Gordon Gekko drive by. Who to get angry at when dishonest scum like Rod Petricevic and Mark Byers keep floating to the surface -- and how their thieving helps to explain inflation.
  2. Robert Heinlein's house. A house for fans of Robert Heinlein, Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra -- or people whose souls are stirred by efficiency.
  3. Scum.  What Labour brains think of hiring labour.
  4. Privatising the forests. One of New Zealand's largest privatisation was effected this week.  How come the usual suspects didn't notice?
  5. Falsely inflated drug harms.  "Spectacular but useless" is  just one description for an index of the costs of drug harms that ascribes all the  the costs incurred due to prohibition to the costs of the drugs themselves.
  6. Its Kelo Day! Take one day out to remember those people whose houses are taken by government to give to crony phony “businessmen” like Donald Trump.

And of course the best news all week, without question, is this news at Annie Fox's ...

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