Saturday, 7 June 2008

Fire, fire!

If you want some lively discussion & good TV tomorrow morning (Sunday), tune in to Libertarianz firearms spokesman Peter Linton discussing Police, Guns & Tasers on Eye to Eye, TV1 at 11-30 AM,  with Willie Jackson, John Tamihere, Marie Dyhrberg, & Hone Harawira.


  1. Sean Fitzpatrick7 Jun 2008, 16:10:00

    Without watching I think I can guess what Hone will have to say - police should not use tasers just in case a given crim they decide to use one on happens to be Maori.

  2. He could also be arguing for Tame Iti's view that the possession and use of firearms, without a license, is a customary right - for Tuhoe, at least.

  3. Would Libz let people have over powerful weapons, like mortars, RPG, highly powerful bombs etc. ?

  4. Short answer, Comrade, is no.

    Our aim is simple, and can be summed up as amending the Bill of Rights to recognise the right to self-defence,and to the means thereof.

    Mortars, RPGs, and private nuclear weapons wouldn't fit that description.

    Hope that helps.

  5. My own view on tasers is summed up in an older post at Pacific Empire

    Essentially, they are great and everyone should have one, but in the United Police States they are sometimes used inappropriately as a 50,000 volt torture device on restrained, physically-non-violent suspects.

    The words "induce compliance" run a shiver down my spine.

  6. But people could have a lot of fun with those weapons on their own property, are you not denying them their freedom?

    If I may make a comparison with drugs. Drugs increace violence, but it is possible to use drugs and not be violent. Motars etc increace the damage from violence, but it is also possible to use them quite safely. Yet you would permit the former but not the latter.
    Personaly If I had lots of money and a big property I would find it fun to use high powered weapons to blow stuff up, but I would never take drugs.

    Note I agree with you on the right to self defence.

    Personaly I would feel much safer next door to someone with an RPG than someone with a hand gun(or even merely a knife) on "P".

  7. PC

    So private individuals have no right to own an RPG or a mortar or 105mm artillery piece?


  8. Personally I will choose for myself what I own on my property and the State or Libz can piss off out of it thanks

    Socialist pricks.

  9. "Personally I will choose for myself what I own on my property and the State or Libz can piss off out of it thanks"
    yup. Same here.

  10. There is no current Libertarianz policy prohibiting the private ownership of mortars or grenade launchers. In fact, even under the current regime it is possible to legally purchase and possess such weapons, with the appropriate endorsement on your firearms license.

  11. Phil: you can't shoot them though. Not that anyone could afford ammo, anyway.

  12. After watching the Eye to Eye, I thought Peter Linton wasn't ferocious enough in his argument. Although I disagree with Hone's argument, I think lots of people who watched the show probably like the arguments put forward by Marie Dhyberg & Hone against Peter Linton & John Tamihere.

  13. richard mcgrath9 Jun 2008, 08:08:00

    I thought Peter Linton was quite restrained (and courteous) in his comments, and made some excellent points. Part of the problem being on a panel like that is having to get your point(s) across in a very short time.

    By the end of the programme, Willie Jackson was deferring to Peter as the resident firearms expert.


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