Thursday, 8 May 2008

Samuel Freeman House - Frank Lloyd Wright


7d997f40-874b-4f3e-92d3-158238b83e5b efdd1855-0a67-4dbc-b8ac-368380c8ea1c Another 'textile block' house from Wright's Californian period, the Freeman house for Samuel & Harriet Freeman was completed in 1923, and lived in by the owners until 1986 when Harriet Freeman (pictured left in full flight) died and handed the house over to the University of Southern California.

The house, which now overlooks downtown Hollywood, was the smallest of Wright's textile block houses.

Guess_WhatYou might recall I asked you to identify it the other evening on the basis of a detail, and one two many clues:

You can see more photos of the house here, taken by master architectural photographer Julius Shulman.

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