Wednesday, 7 May 2008



Burma: Cyclone Nargis death toll tops 22,000
The cyclone that hit Burma, also known as Myanmar, has left at least 22,000 dead and 1 million homeless. [TELEGRAPH]


  1. I would never wish a disaster like this on anybody (so please don't get me wrong)... but, since it has happened, maybe an influx of genuine assistance and aid from the rest of the world might help to dislodge the Junta from its pedestal?

    Or, maybe the strongmen of Burma will fear this happening and will refuse help from outside altogether.

    Poor people.

  2. Warmists will use this tragedy to preach about the need to tackle the global warming bullshit.

  3. The tragedy is that there is no helping them.

    Any aid will be looted by their masters, as always.

  4. Fat Girl,

    You're right. The Green's dickhead co-leader Russel Normal quoted this morning on Breakfast's show (Paul Henry) that the disaster in Burma, is the price we gonna face if we don't tackle climate change.

    Greens fume over Emissions Trading Scheme

    Russel is an idiot.

  5. 22,000?! Rambo killed more Burmese than that in No:4!

  6. Hopefully this will help with a rebellion. Probably the best thing to air drop is a whole lot of guns wedged into loaves of bread.


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