Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Some questions ...

If it's wrong for Robert Mugabe to give stolen tractors and stolen farms to his supporters to buy their votes, why isn't it wrong for Helen Clark to give stolen money to her's to buy their's?

When will Winston give taxpayers back the $158,000 he stole from them last election to buy the baubles of office?

Why is it wrong for Frank Bainimarama to crack down on criticism of the government by censoring newspapers, but not wrong for Labour and the Greens to crack down on criticism of the government by introducing the Electoral Finance Act?

Will the new 15% R&D deduction introduced today cost more for businesses and the IRD to administer than it will save?

Will National's proposed new $50 'Victims of Crime Levy' cost more to collect then it will earn?

Who will the levies go to when people are arrested for victimless crimes?

Why do we have laws against victimless crimes?

Why $50?

When will the Warriors admit they've got no idea what they're doing?

When will John Key?

Answers on a postcard please.

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