Monday, 31 March 2008

Earth Hour

Here's a letter to the head of the World Wildlife Fund that explains the precise nature of WWF's Earth Hour:

Dear Mr. Roberts:
You and members of your organization worry that industrialization and economic growth are harming the earth's environment. I worry that the intensifying hysteria about the state of the environment - and that the resulting hostility to economic growth - might harm humankind's prospects for comfortable, healthy, enjoyable, and long lives.
So I commend you on your "Earth Hour" effort. Persuading people across the globe to turn off lights for one hour supplies the perfect symbol for modern environmentalism: a collective effort to return humankind to the dark ages.
Donald J. Boudreaux

[Hat tip Anti Dismal]


  1. richard mcgrath31 Mar 2008, 16:27:00

    Well said that man.

  2. Yes, well said indeed!

    Honestly... what have we come to? There is (seemingly) a sizeable segment of our population which actively hates and despises the very concept of human progress and regards electricity as a filthy sinful evil.

    This is sad enough, but, instead of ridicule (or a good shooting) which is what these fuckwits deserve, the council of one of New Zealand's MAJOR CITIES falls in with them and switches off the bloody lights!

    And to further add to the madness, the stupid media generally carry the story about this act of insanity with a sense of PRIDE, as if mass psychosis has somehow now become a glowingly intelligent lifestyle choice!

    We are in deep trouble. We simply cannot go on like this.

  3. "We are in deep trouble. We simply cannot go on like this."
    ain't that the truth!

  4. I certainly got the impression that we are in deep trouble after watching the news last night where reporters were attcking National MPs and demanding that they confess to having doubts about Global Warming. It was just like the inquisition making someone confess to being a witch or an atheist. The consequences of confession were dire and reporters were attacking like rabid dogs.

  5. I actually viewed it differently. It was great to hear - on mainstream news - that there are some in parliament who have the ability to think and critically review the facts. The reporters may have hounded them (and we know where they are coming from) and the politicians in question may have been too scared to say anything, however it was a glimmer of hope.

    For those who missed it go here...



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