Thursday, 7 February 2008

New UK libertarian party

Britain now has a much-needed libertarian party.  Their website is here, but sadly their promised "radical manifesto" has yet to appear.

Let them know they're welcome to borrow as many policies as they like from this radical manifesto.  They could do a lot worse, you know.


  1. It is a surprise they do not list their Leader or any of their key people on the website.

    But yes, rather a surprise they have no actual policies...I mean, if they are so annoyed with the status quo, presumably their policies would be to change that? ..cannot be too difficult to think of something! lol

  2. No, I wouldn't have thought so either.

    Still, the English generally do things backwards. ;^)

  3. This has never been done in the UK before, and so a certain degree of toe dipping is involved.
    The soft launch in January was designed to see how quickly the take up was with no press coverage, just using alternatives such as blogs, personal recommendation, chatter in the pubs, word of mouth etc.

    The take-up has been surprisingly good so now they have opened their doors to new members, and the manifesto will be published within the next 2 weeks.

    At that time will they launch into the press, and become a large voice in UK politics very quickly, having not had to rely on the main stream media to get them there.

  4. An outline of the manifesto is now up (at that same link), you will hoepfully be glad to know...


  5. There has been some time passed since you posted this item.

    Perhaps you would like to see where we have managed to get with regards our manifesto, although broadly similar in nature, it does lack the more colourful language that you chaps like.

    You may also be interested to note that we have been active on the campaign front, our latest being the sending of all 646 MP's a copy of George Orwell's 1984, with the message that the book was written as a warning, not a blueprint.

    We would like to thank you for your initial curiosity and this post, and would appreciate any further postings you may consider.

    Ian Parker-Joseph
    Leader - Libertarian Party UK


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