Thursday, 7 February 2008

"A new concept for John Key. It's called a principle." (Updated)

Liberty Scott has "a new concept for John Key.  It's called a principle."

Obviously not something seen a lot around John Boy's office.  Rarely to be observed in National's policy manifesto.  And Certainly nowhere in evidence in his latest flip flop:  National's promise to abolish the Maori seats was one of the few remaining policies on which John Boy still hadn't backed down, so it comes as no surprise to see him finally get on to it.  His new policy is to hold off abolishing the race-based seats until all the treaty grievances that can be dreamed up by the grievance warriors -- every single one of them -- has wended its way through all the lawyers' offices of New Zealand. 

As Scott says, offering the backdown in this particular form offers a significant incentive to all the gravy train riders to keep the train right on rolling, and is presumably a prelude to making coalition deals with the Maori Party.

700053If a vote for Labour gets you a communist or two for no extra charge, looks like a vote for National this year gets you a tribalist who believes that the chief problem for most Maori is that they suffer from  “Post-Colonial Traumatic Stress Disorder,” and that the holocaust happened in Taranaki.

If you thought it was absurd yesterday to see Key hongi-ing the leader of an armed group who talked abut assassinating him, just think about him hongi-ing Tariana Turia later in the year as he welcomes the woman who was considered too unstable for a seat at Helen Clark's cabinet table to a seat around his.

UPDATE: Lindsay Perigo is at his deliciously acerbic best in describing yesterday's Key Waitangi shenanigans:

Yesterday’s Waitangi Day celebrations, acclaimed by the media as the most peaceful in a long while, were actually the most sickening ever.

They plainly confirmed the voluntary servitude of the media to Mordi separatists and the dearth of decency among mainstream politicians. In fact, the only one who came through with her dignity intact was Helen Clark.

First was the revolting spectacle of John Key, now double-jointed from all his recent flip-flopping, brown-nosing one of the specimens implicated in the proposal to assassinate him. Craven cowardice doesn’t come any more craven and cowardly than this.

Then came the brown-nosing of the same wannabe terrorist and his family and other co-conspirators by TVNZ’s Close Up programme, which had paid some of the expenses of these creatures. Close-Up was simply wall-to-wall Harawira/Iti, including nauseating genuflection by reporter Janes and presenter Sainsbury...

Read on here for Perigo's full report.


  1. Goddamn, John Key is an inspiring mutha. The way he appeals to youth, the way he is a uniter not a's all just ministerial.

    Imagine that against crazy, angry, old Helen Clark.

    It's fun to see the desperate upper-lip sweat starting to bead on the nutzoid Key Haters though. Let's see how effective it is.

  2. Funny how the nutzoid Key Lovers are anonymous, eh!

    Yay for Guy Smiley, the happy little 'uniter'!

  3. The Key Derangement Syndrome is funny. The whole OTT mock outrage thing.

    Come later this year if all you folks are on suicide watch after a John Key white out don't come cryin' to me.

    If in doubt just ask yourself "What would John Key do?"

  4. What would John Key do?

    Another U-turn I suspect.

  5. What would John Key do?

    What WOULD John Key do?

    WHAT would John Key do?

    Don't know. Reckon he doesn't know either.

    And therein lies a problem.


  6. LGM - just HOW is that a problem from a libertarian perspective?

    As a result of a constant barrage of propaganda we have been led to believe politicians have some kind of divine right to impose their will on us, or that they must 'fix' things.

    The idea that politicians have to 'do something' is incompatible with libertarianism IMO. People should look elsewhere than govt for their freedom.

    The less JK does the better.

    PS I address the post to you cuz I don't think anyone else gets it - trhey just seek power for themselves, which is a further extension of the disease.

  7. Amada Ruth Key7 Feb 2008, 19:39:00

    John Key will implement new policies once the National gets into government after the election.

  8. At last, an intelligent comment from an anonononyonymouse. Hooofuccinraaay!

    It would be good if politicians did nothing. Oh yea! But the trouble with that is that they have already done a great amount of harm. For instance, they have enabled a massive bureaucracy of crazy evil muthas to control every aspect of Kiwi life. What that means is that some politician has to actually do something; he/she/it has to undo the enablement.

    jon kei minor of the state house, or whatever he calls himself these days, actually needs to DO SOMETHING if he really wants to solve the vexations wrecking civil life in NZ. That is, assuming he actually gives a damn. Trouble be, that on previous performance, he has not a care about that at all. Also he does not know WHAT to do, let alone what HE will do (given a particular set of circumstance and context). Still, he is in with the correct party; the one without principle or consistent morality.

    In the final analysis, NZers (Kiwis or whatever they call themselves lately) are going to be well fooled into voting for this funny but pleasant little critter. Then they are going to keep on the path of pay and pay- just as they are now. Foolishness. Myth believers. Man oh dear, have I got a bridge for you dummies to buy. Then again, Kiwis are not known for being smart.


  9. Thanks for your reply LGM.

    Here's MY final analysis: If you are waiting for the government to change, or society to change, or for some programme to be successful to find freedom, you will never be free.

    Which is why I find the hysterical teeth-gnashing, hair-pulling and garment-rending over the thought of a National govt more than a little amusing.


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