Wednesday, 20 February 2008

'Melissa' - Joshua le Rock


First prize winner in the drawing category in the Art Renewal Center's International 2007 ARC Salon. [Graphite on Paper, 12 x 20 inches]


  1. There really aren't enough perky tits in works of art these days.... :oP

  2. But there are lots of cocks in today's art work.

  3. More infantile comments from thought leaders in the zeitgeist.

  4. There's nothing infantile about liking perky tits, anonymous. Infants would be much the poorer without them.

    Also, if the point of this work of art is not to celebrate the woman's perky tits, then what, pray, is it?

    Your attitude to sex and sexuality strikes me as rather infantile in itself, anonymous!

  5. Yep as usual the naked picture gets lots of comments


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