Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Hack on blogs

The mainstream media has another look at blogs.  According to Philip Matthews at The Press, "left wingers" blog because they have to ("to do something about the Right’s dominance of the blogosphere" apparently), "right wingers" blog because they're angry, and "far-Right bloggers" -- well, they're all just "bottom feeders."  So much for the in-depth analysis of Mr Matthews.

As for libertarian bloggers like Lindsay Perigo and Liberty Scott and Lance Davey (and that's just libertarians starting with 'L'), we don't even exist -- although if we did exist I'd suggest libertarians blog because they'd like the world to be a freer place, and because they have a low tolerance for bullshit, big government and other braindead nonsense. On the latter, Mathews mostly qualifies.

UPDATE: Most of the cast who appeared in Mathews's piece are discussing it at Kiwiblog, as they are at the SubStandard, Kiwiblogbog and Sprout & Bean,


  1. One of these days, PC, I will take you for a beer and tell you how to get your name in the papers. I realise you're a little bit miffed that I got a mention--despite not posting anything in the last six months--yet hard-working, diligent PC doesn't get noticed.

    It's not just that I'm much cooler than you, PC. I think it's excellent that there is blogging space in New Zealand for somebody to put up snooty paintings of naked men and claim not to be queer. Or pictures of pensioner ladies and say: "Wow, that old slag is cute." Or something like that. It makes you unique. Don't change who you are, PC, even if it's too long-winded for a journo like Phil Matthews to understand.

  2. No no, I think he has included the libertarian bloggers - they'd be included with the ones he calls "far right" perhaps?

    It would be in line with the standard of what passes for journalism in New Zealand media. Mislabel, misreport, misrepresent, misquote, misinterpret... (except when publishing press releases verbatim - thus negating the possibility of needing to interpret or report)

  3. Nice one, IP. Except you'll notice that's not really your 'name' in the paper, that's your internet handle. You're only as big as your e-reputation, am I right?

    I wouldn't let this exciting flash of limelight dazzle you too much matey - I'm sure your constructed persona is much 'cooler' than most folks - but the bloke behind the screen name is still the same sad little arsehat without the stones to stand behind his insults.


  4. IP : One of these days, PC, I will take you for a beer and tell you how to get your name in the papers.

    IP, how about you take me out for a beer?

  5. I think that there is a huge groundswell of opinion formation, information, discussion and ideas happening on blogs (political and non-political.... all kinds of interest groups) that the MSM and indeed the majority of people in general just haven't cottoned onto at all.

    I wonder if I am correct in this opinion, or are people who read and comment on blogs just wierd trainspotter/butterfly collector types who are way off the ballpark?

    Has anybody else got an opinion on this one? Obviously, anybody reading this must be a blog reader (and so might be somewhat biased), but objectively, whaddya think?

    PC, you must have got some stats on how many individuals read your blog..?

  6. Why don't we all just go out for a beer and argue it out like real men or women we aren't. But I'll have champagne thanks.

    Warning: if anyone calls me right wing again (namely left leaning family members), I might just use a right wing tactic and shoot them - mind you that's a left wing tactic as well.

  7. Right wing, right wing, right wine

  8. I'd only do that if your name was ironic, Fat Girl.

    Stop making this post about me. You're all intentionally hijacking this thread. I'm appalled.

  9. Wow no wonder you are called insolent prick, you named yourself well

  10. wow just read the details about you, no wonder you are still single

  11. Liberty Scott is a *true* libertarian blogger, IMO. I don't always agree with him, but agreeing is not eveything.

    If you don't want to be called right wing then maybe you should look at the supporters you attract and start wondering why RWNJ's are over-represented...

  12. Well if it's any consolation they missed out the Marxists as well as the Libertarians.

    I thought the article did somewhat misrepresent the nature blogosphere by not mentioning the extent of the many smaller but well read blogs (like this and Ponoke for example) and just focussing on the biggies and their hangers on.

  13. Coming from a jorno, I would hazard a guess that those left out are because he only spent 15 minutes researching...

  14. Another example of a lefty scribbler with knickers in a twist over blogs:

  15. Kg, it's Liz Gordon, she has a mental illness, seriously She was an Alliance MP and she's not very bright, admittedly a tautology.

  16. I think she also holds the record for the lowest electorate votes of a sitting MP - in 1999 at least.

  17. So--Crusader Rabbit being described as "seriously weird" by her may be regarded as a compliment then?
    It does show that blogs are beginning to get to these statist bastards and the inevitable next step will be an attempt at controlling us.


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